Proceedings of the Old Bailey

JOHN SAVAGE, SAMUEL MALE, theft with violence : highway robbery, 9th September, 1772.

The Proceedings of the Old Bailey Ref: t17720909-70

Trial Summary:
* Crime(s): theft with violence : highway robbery,
* Verdict: Not Guilty,
* Other trials on 09 Sep 1772
* Name search for: JOHN SAVAGE, SAMUEL MALE,
* Crime Location: Marybone Turnpike Farthing-pye-house
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Original Text:

698, 699. (M.) JOHN SAVAGE and SAMUEL MALE were indicted for that they on the king's highway on Susanna, the wife of James Brind , did make an assault, putting her in corporal fear and danger of her life, and stealing from her person a silk purse, value 1 d. a moidore, a half guinea, and 12 s. in money, numbered, the property of James Brind , July 17. ++

Susanna Brind deposed, that she was robbed in a chaise, on the 17th of July, between nine and ten o'clock at night (near ten) in the road between Marybone Turnpike and the Farthing-pye-house of the money mentioned in the indictment; that she made information of the robbery at Sir John Fielding 's, and described the persons and dress of the original men that robbed her in consequence of which she was sent for in a fortnight afterwards; that she saw the two prisoners there, and that she was possitive they are the men that robbed her.

Elizabeth Ivory , Mrs. Brind's servant, deposed, that she was in the chaise with her mistress; she was positive the prisoners were the persons that committed the robbery, and that she pointed them both out at Sir John Fielding 's, when several people were in the room; that her mistress was robbed near her own house, and that when they got bore the clock struck ten.

The prisoner's, in their defence, denied the charge; and it appeared upon reference to the minutes of the proceedings at the last session, that Male was on trial at ten o'clock the night the robbery was committed; and what is more extraordinary, he was then upon trial for a highway robbery and positively swore to; when, after a proper enquiry, it appeared clearly, beyond all doubt, that he was innocent of that charge.

Both acquitted .

See that trial No. 556 last sessions, and see him also trial No. 438, & c. for other high way robberies, in the present mayoralty.