Proceedings of the Old Bailey

Jacob Shoemaker, deception : fraud, 11th January, 1717.
The Proceedings of the Old Bailey Ref: t17170111-12

Trial Summary:
* Crime(s): deception : fraud,
* Punishment Type: fine, imprisonment, (Punishment details may be provided at the end of the trial.)
* Verdict: Guilty,
* Other trials on 11 Jan 1717
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Original Text:

Jacob Shoemaker , of London, was indicted for endeavouring to defraud one William Brind of 30 s. by pawning a Brass Cup washed with Silver, as a Silver one, avouching of it to be Sterling . Which the Prosecutor swore positively against him. Another Evidence deposed, that upon his Apprehension he begg'd to be discharged and not prosecuted, saying, that he would make Satisfaction, and would give any thing he had, nay, even his Wife and Children for Security. But the Proposal not being satisfactory, he was prosecuted; upon which he alledg'd in his Defence, that it was his Trade to make such Goods, and that he did it for a Man that kept Country-Fairs, and being short of Money, pawn'd it, with a Design to redeem it again when Money came in. But there were other Testimonials of the like Practices committed by him; so the Jury found him Guilty .

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