Proceedings of the Old Bailey

MARGARET CARRUCH, MARAGET FINER, theft : simple grand larceny, theft : receiving stolen goods, 11th September, 1793.

The Proceedings of the Old Bailey Ref: t17930911-118

Trial Summary:
* Crime(s): theft : simple grand larceny, theft : receiving stolen goods,
* Punishment Type: transportation,
* Verdict: Guilty, Not Guilty,
* Other trials on 11 Sep 1793
* Crime Location: Lombard-street
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Original Text:

665. MARGARET CARRUCH was indicted for stealing, on the 9th of August, sixteen pair of womens leather shoes, value 16 s. twenty-five pair of stuff shoes, value 1 l. 5 s. the goods of Nathaniel Phillips , and

MARAGET FINER was indicted for feloniously receiving, thirteen pair of womens leather shoes, value 13 s. fifteen pair of womens stuff shoes, value 15 s. being a parcel and part of the above goods, she knowing them to have been stolen .


I am a shoemaker in Lombard-street; Margaret Carruch had been my servant thirteen months previous to her being taken up. I have a great number of shoes, I did not miss any of them, they appear to be taken at different times.

Q. Have you any shoes here? - Yes, I have; she confessed.

Q. Did you tell her it would be better for her to confess? - When she had confessed she had taken some shoes, I said if she would confess the whole I would be as favourable as ever I could; before I made that promise she only confessed generally.

Mr. Knapp. At the time you charged her did not you hold out these hopes to her? - By no means.

Q. Did you not either one way or the other? - It was taken down before the magistrate.

Q. You seem to be an extream fair man, you have lost a deal of property; was it not when you charged the woman, that you said, well if you have robbed me for some time and will make a full confession I will shew you favour? - Certainly not, because I had information before I charged her.


I am the constable; I have twenty pair of shoes I brought them from Queenhithe. On Friday the 9th of August Mr. Phillips sent for me to take up his maid which he said was for robbing him of shoes; I took her up and took her before the Lord Mayor

Court. Is the confession here.

Answer. There is none returned.

Batt. I know nothing else than that I found these shoes in Margaret Finer 's possession, she said that Margaret Carruch had given them to her to keep, that is all.


I am one of the marshalmen, I went with Mr. Phillips to the house of a gentlewoman in Noble-street, and searched a box, and the landlord said it was the servant's box, and found these shoes that I now produce, and I put my initials on them, after the gentleman said they were his.


I went with the prosecutor, Mr. Phillips to the apartment of Mr. Brind in Noble-street.

Q. Did you go with Parrott? - No, I found a box and in that box four pair of shoes; I have got them here.


I am a silver turner; I know Carruch the prisoner at the bar, she left two boxes at my house about last April was twelve months.

Q. Were the boxes that Parrott and Lawrence searched, the same boxes as Carruch left? - Yes, they were the same.


I lent Margaret Carruch a guinea, and I had six pair of shoes for the guinea, I have got the shoes here.Court to Br

ind. Did the prisoner Carruch come from time to time to her box? - Yes, she did.

Mr. Knapp. You don't know that of your own knowledge? - Yes, I do.

Prosecutor. I know the shoes to be mine by the shop mark, my shopmen put them on, they are all here.

- HUMPHRIES sworn.

Q. Look at the shoes that Batt produces? - They are my marking inside, I have looked at those by Parrott and Lawrence and they are my marking.

Prisoner Carruch. I leave my defence to my counsel.

The prisoner Carruch called one witness to her character.


30.)Transported for seven years .

Margaret Finer . Not GUILTY .

Tried by the second London Jury before Mr. COMMON SERJEANT.