Proceedings of the Old Bailey

THOMAS HUNT, theft : simple grand larceny, 15th October, 1777.

The Proceedings of the Old Bailey Ref: t17771015-7

Trial Summary:

* Crime(s): theft : simple grand larceny,
* Punishment Type: whipping,
* Verdict: Part Guilty: theft under 1s,
* Other trials on 15 Oct 1777
* Name search for: THOMAS HUNT,

Original Text:

624. THOMAS HUNT was indicted for stealing a brass fender, value 4 s. and 4 lb. wt. of old copper, value 2 s. the property of John Brind , Sept. 18th.


On the 18th of September, the prisoner at the bar took the fender and copper, and carried them to a public house, as I was informed on the next morning, and that he had lodged them at such a place; I went with him, and found the things in the bar of the Cock and Bell in Whitecross-street.


I am a constable; I have the custody of the things.

Another Witness sworn.

I know the prisoner; I saw these things in his possession on the 19th of September; I live next door to the public house; I saw him go by with them; it was in the afternoon; he laid the fender first in the bar of the Cock and Bell; he went back and fetched these three tea-kettles: I worked with this gentleman some time before, and knew that sort of copper was for his own use; he did not send it out to sell. The prisoner worked at the prosecutor's; I suspected him, and went to inform the prosecutor; he was not at home. I saw him go by on Friday morning, and told him, and he went and saw them in the public house.

[They were produced in Court, and deposed to by the prosecutor.]


I was at the public house drinking; I know nothing of the things: there was another man worked with my master; when I was taken he made off.

GUILTY of stealing to the value of 10 d.

Tried by the First Middlesex Jury before Mr. Justice ASHHURST.

[Whipping. See summary.]