Proceedings of the Old Bailey

BENJAMIN BRIND, theft : simple grand larceny, 19th February, 1800.

The Proceedings of the Old Bailey Ref: t18000219-9

Trial Summary:
* Crime(s): theft : simple grand larceny,
* Punishment Type: imprisonment : House of Correction, fine,
* Verdict: Guilty,
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* Name search for: BENJAMIN BRIND,
* Crime Location: Aldersgate-street
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Original Text:

168. BENJAMIN BRIND was indicted for feloniously stealing, on the 12th of February, twelve silver tea spoons, value 30s. the property of Solomon Hougham.

DAVID PERRYMAN sworn. - I am a pawnbroker, No. 92, St. Martin's lane; I manage the business of Berry and Patmore: On Wednesday evening last, between eight and nine o'clock, the prisoner offered six tea spoons to pledge; I asked him where he lived; he told me he lived at No.12, Castle-street, that he kept a house, and that he was a jeweller by trade; from his manner of answering these questions, I suspected him, and sent my lad to the house to enquire; and while he was gone, the prisoner wanted very much to go, but I would not let him go till he returned; I asked him how he came by the spoons; he said he bought them at a shop in the Strand; I asked him if he could take me to the shop where he bought them; and he said he could not; he then said he did not live in Castle-street, and went out of the box; I ran round, and locked the door, and took him into the shop; I suspected he was the servant of some silversmith; I told him he need not hesitate, for I knew the mark upon the back of the spoons, I told him they belonged to Mr. Hougham; he said if I would let him go, he would take the spoons and put them from whence he took them; he said that he lived with Mr. Hougham, and hoped I would let him go, for it was the first time he had ever taken any thing; I told him I could not let him go; I sent for an officer, and he was taken into custody; the officer searched him in my presence; he said he had nothing more about him; but in his pocket he found eleven duplicates, eight of them were of spoons, which he said he had taken from his master.

SOLOMON HOUGHAM sworn. - I live in Aldersgate-street, I am a very large manufacturer of gold and silver plate: I have lately lost a considerable quantity of spoons out of the manufactory; last Thursday morning a messenger came to my house, to inform me that a man was stopped, and that I might see him at Bow-street, with some of my property; I went to Bow-street, and saw the prisoner there, and the spoons that are produced; I know them to be my property, they are in an unfinished state, never having been completely manufactured; they have the initials of my name at the back, and likewise the workman's mark, two dots, underneath; the prisoner worked for me several years.

Q. Had you missed these spoons? - A. Yes, I had; I have here no less than fifty duplicates, eleven of them were taken from his person, and the rest from his clothes in his trunk; they consist of fifteen dozen of spoons, among other

things.BENJAMIN-BAILEY THOROGOOD sworn. - I work at Mr. Hougham's: These spoons are my work, they were taken out of my box where my work is kept, I missed them last Tuesday evening; they were in the box on the Saturday before.

Prisoner's defence. I have nothing to say.

GUILTY (Aged 54.)

Confined six months in the House of Correction , and fined 1s.

Tried by the first Middlesex Jury, before Mr. Justice ROOKE.