Proceedings of the Old Bailey

DAVID CONNELL, deception : fraud, 28th June, 1820. The Proceedings of the Old Bailey Ref: t18200628-83 Trial Summary:
* Crime(s): deception : fraud,
* Punishment Type: imprisonment,
* Verdict: Guilty,
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* Name search for: DAVID CONNELL,
* Crime Location: Paternoster-row
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Original Text:

803. DAVID CONNELL was indicted for obtaining goods under false pretences .

GEORGE TOWLEY . I am a warehouseman to Mr. Walter Brind , a silk weaver, who lives in Paternoster-row. On the 25th of May, the prisoner came for two pieces of twelve-penny white sarsnet ribbon, for Mr. W. Townsend of Holborn, who is a customer of ours. I asked his name, he said it was Smith, I gave it to him, he went away. I charged him 28 s. and gave him a bill - he came again next day with a written order for more, he was desired to call again as I had suspicion - and on his return we had him apprehended.

MR. WILLIAM TOWNSEND . I am a haberdasher, and live in High Holborn. I have dealt for twenty-five years or more with Mr. Brind, I did not send the prisoner for any ribbon. I never saw him before.

GUILTY . Aged 29.

Confined Three Months .

London Jury, before Mr. Common Sergeant.