Proceedings of the Old Bailey

JOHN ROACH, theft : simple grand larceny, 29th March, 1792.

The Proceedings of the Old Bailey Ref: t17920329-48

Trial Summary:
* Crime(s): theft : simple grand larceny,
* Punishment Type: transportation,
* Verdict: Guilty,
* Other trials on 29 Mar 1792
* Name search for: JOHN ROACH,
* Crime Location: Newgate-street

Original Text:

206. JOHN ROACH was indicted for stealing, on the 23d of March, a cloth coat, value 1 l. 1 s. a pair of black velveret breeches, value 10 s. 6 d. a pair of drab ditto, value 8 s. a pair of thickset breeches, value 18 s. a pair of velveteen breeches, value 18 s. 6 d. the property of Henry Brind .

(The witnesses examined separate.)


I live in Newgate-street. The prisoner was my foreman. I had lost a great number of clothes from time to time out of my shop, off the shelves: on the 23d of March I lost the things in the indictment; I concealed myself on one of the shelves, behind the clothes; and discovered another man and the prisoner come down to go to dinner at twelve; he brought down this superfine cloth coat, which he had been at work on; he put it on the counter, and asked my nephew if I was at home; and he said to the man that came down with him, take sixpence, and go get your dinner; he came to the private door, and my young man was at the upper end of the shop; he took the coat off the counter, and put it over his arm, and reached his arm, and took something off the breeches shelf; he was very quick; then he reached again, and took a pair of black velveret breeches; he wrapped them up in the coat; he came out of the shop again into the entry, and went up three or four stairs, and I saw him placing the breeches and this coat very smooth, to go into a small compass; he came down to go out; I jumped down and stopped him; says I, William; I have caught the thief; my young man came up; I said, you have a pair of breeches inside this coat; he said, no, he had not; I opened them, and saw the breeches; then he let the coat and breeches fall to the

ground.WILLIAM PALMER sworn.

Confirmed the above evidence, being the prosecutor's nephew, excepting that he did not see him take the things off the shelves.


(Produced the things, which were deposed to.)


I am a pawnbroker's servant. I produce a pair of breeches, which I believe I received of the prisoner; I am not positive; for four shillings, in the name of John Roach

.(Deposed to)

(Another pair of breeches, which were found in his pocket, deposed to.)


The prosecutor cut me down to sixteen shillings a week; the proper wages are eighteen shillings, by the laws allowed by the lord mayor; I brought down the blue coat, and asked his nephew for two buttons to put under the flaps; he turned to the window again; them black breeches were under the coat, as I laid it on the counter, and I was taking it up stairs, and he said I robbed him; I was generally a jobbing sort of a man; I had them breeches in my pocket, which I was bringing down; the constable knows I owned them before they were taken out of my

pocket.Constable. That is not so.

(The prisoner called one witness, who gave him a very good character, and offered to take him if at liberty, and who said there were more witnesses ready.)

GUILTY . (Aged 45.)

Transported for seven years .

Tried by the second Middlesex Jury before Lord KENYON.