See Letter from A W Brind Correspondence with Wiltshire society Sir Thomas Phillips

(47) Letter from the Wiltshire Archaeological & Natural History Society.

The society has a museum at 41 Long Street, Devizes SN10 1NS, phone 0380 727369. I asked them to give me information about anything they had on the Brinds and Sir Thomas Phillips. Lorna Haycock (I think that's her name, her signature isn't very readable) wrote back to say:--

"Here are the Brind and Phillips references you asked for:-- Miscellanea A & B Collections of works from private press at Middle Hill Letters from Thomas Phillips to J E Jackson 2 vols Monumental Inscriptions in Wiltshire, 2 vols Letters from William Hensley to Thomas Phillips Survey of the Manor & Forest of Clarendon 1272 Institutiones Clericorum in Wilts 1297-1810 North Wilts Musters Wilts Pedigrees from Visitation Books (1826) Names of members of the Brind family appearing in Court Rolls of the manor of Wanborough (1839) Mss Box 133. Brind family of Aldbourne Mss Box 208. Brind family notes Pedigree of the Brind family 17th century-- Kite vol 1 WAM reference - Richard, vol. XLVIII, p. 28

John, vol. XLV, p.40

Brind, vol. V, p. 391.

Please let me know if I can help you further."

Names of members of the Brind family appearing in the Court Rolls of the Manor of Wanborough co Wilts printed by Sir Thomas Phillipps 1839
1650 Thos 3
William 3
Jno Sen Jurater
Anna widow
Margaret 1651 Anthony
John the elder Jurater
John Gent
Agnes widow 1655 John Gent Commoner
Edward Journeyman
Jno Gent of Knight Hill
Mary widow
Thos of Stratton
Owen 1676 Thomas Jurater Gent
William Commoner
John Commoner Gent 1690 Unis Gent Jurater
Thos junnu
Thos Gent Jurater 1692 William junior Jurater
Roger Cottager
Thomas Gent 1696 Thomas Gent
William Jurater freeholder
Katherine Cottager (indecipherable) 10/- A ....between the Inn and Callis Gate to be cleansed
John J...... resident 1700 Roger cottager (indecipherable)
Mary / fined 60/-
John left legacy 19/ by Ann Porta 1706 Mary ...cottage.../// 1707 John
Mary 1709 John Jurater 1710 John Gent jurater freeholder
Maurice Jurater
Cawlus Jurater 1711 John Jell Jurater
Cawlus Jurater
Thomas 1713 Cawlus Jurater
John Gent freeholder 1714 Cawlus Jurater
Owen fined ............40/-
John 1715 John Gent
Cawlus Jurater 1716 Cawlus ...............
John Gent Jurater 1717
John of Kitchell 1718
John Gent Jurater
Cawlus Jurater
John Jurater 1719
Cawlus Jurater
John Jurater
John y ....March. Constable 1720
John Jurater 1721 John Jurater
John ............................