From left to right Christopher (b. 7/1/1962), Mandy (b.14/7/1958), Jonathan (b. 30/11/1952) and Simon (b 4/5/1956) on a camping holiday probably in the summer of 1964, before Lindsay was born. It could have been the Lake District, Wales, Scotland or Norfolk. Mandy is holding a dog, probably Pippa. Return to text.
Christopher Brind (b. 7/1/1962) with the twins Andrienne & Doreen Fishley (b. 11/12/1922), cousins of my mother Merlyn Williams Return to text.
Jonathan Brind (b.30/11/1952) on his father's motorbike. Return to text.
Jessie Williams, her daughter Merlyn Brind and Merlyn's son Jonathan Brind in her arms. Return to text.