1841 census

Beedon, Wantage, Ilsley, Berkshire (Faircross) >HO107/16/1

John Brind1796????Berkshire, EnglandBerkshire, Englandag lab
Martha Brind1791????Berkshire, EnglandBerkshire, England

I find it impossible to read these ages. My guess is that they are 40 50 or 60. However, if you look hard enough you can find a 5 at the end of John's age so it could be 45, 55, 65??????? However, if you look at the link to Stephen (below) you will find he had a brother John born in 1796, giving an age of 45. He also had a sister Martha born in 1803. Perhaps the people who transcribed the census were working from a better copy? Perhaps they are just better at it than me? JEB
Stephen Brind35Berkshire, EnglandBerkshire, Englandag. lab
Mary Ann Brind12Berkshire, EnglandBerkshire, Englandfemale servant

Possible link to Stephen. Note if Martha and John are Stephen's aunt and uncle then they may be siblings (or if they are a couple one of them may be a sibling) of my ancestor Zebulon.