Cole Harbour Street, Bethnal Green See 18511841 census

Bethnal Green, Ossulstone (Tower Division), Middlesex > HO107/693/6

Cole Harbour Street
Caroline Brind30Middlesex, EnglandMiddlesex, England
George Brind40Middlesex, EnglandMiddlesex, EnglandBricklaying

See marriage of a George in Bethnal Green about 15 years earlier.

Note also
Robert Shave20Middlesex, EnglandMiddlesex, Englandshoe making
Frances Shave20Middlesex, EnglandMiddlesex, EnglandLaundress
Robert Shave1Middlesex, EnglandMiddlesex, England

See possible connection to this couple. Whilst it is difficult to see an evident connection it seems more than a coincidence that a very rare name (Shave) and a relatively uncommon job (shoemaking) should connect them.