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Fawley, Berkshire, Class: HO107; Piece: 1689; Folio: 257; Page: 3; GSU roll: 193597.

North Fawley, Berkshire,
NameAgeBirthplaceRelationCivil ParishCounty/Island
Mark Brind72Aubourn, WiltshireHeadWiddowerFawleyBerkshireag lab
Philip Brind31Fawley, Berkshire,SonMarFawleyBerkshireag lab
Jane Brind25Ramsbury, WiltshireWife MarFawleyBerkshire
Caleb Brind12Fawley, BerkshireGrandsonFawleyBerkshireag lab
Mary Brind5 monthsFawley, Berkshire,Granddaughter FawleyBerkshire

Whilst it is possible that Caleb was the child of Philip and Jane, it seems more likely that he was the child of another of Mark's sons (or even one of his daughters, since sometimes surnames were changed when children moved in with a new family). Although it would probably have been legal for Jane to have a 12 year old son at the age of 25, it seems very young, and Philip and Jane seem to have got married in 1847, long after Caleb was born. Of course Caleb could have been Philip's son by an earlier marriage... According to Judge David Brind's tree, George (one of Philip's elder brothers) had a son called Caleb Brind who was Christened in 1835, making him about 15 in 1851. This family might offer some verification for a story told by my great grandfather about the Brinds. At least two of Mark's sons seem to have emigrated.

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