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Brends in the 1841 census

Total equals 120, seven from Berkshire and six from Wiltshire. By comparison in the same census there are about 250 Brinds, about 87 from Wiltshire and 63 from Berkshire. In 1841 more than half the Brinds came from Wiltshire and Berkshire, less than 10% of the Brends came from the same counties.

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NameBirth yearBorn in county?abode
Aaron Brendabt 1821BerkshireChievely, Berkshire
Ann Brendabt 1792CheshireButley, Cheshire
Ann Brendabt 1833CheshireButley, Cheshire
Ann Brendabt 1816DevonParkham, Devon
Ann Brendabt 1796DevonStoke Damerell, Devon
Ann Brendabt 1821DevonStoke Damerell, Devon
Ann Brendabt 1790DurhamSunderland, Durham
Ann Brendabt 1806LancashirePennington, Lancashire
Bortman Brend abt 1841EssexWest Mersea, Essex
Caroline Brendabt 1828DevonStoke Damerell, Devon
Charlotte Brendabt 1828DevonBideford, Devon
Charlotte Brendabt 1821DevonStoke Damerell, Devon
Deborah Brendabt 1801DevonStoke Damerell, Devon
Edward Brendabt 1835DevonBideford, Devon
Egnes Brendabt 1776DevonParkham, Devon
Eleaner Brendabt 1811LancashirePennington, Lancashire
Eliza Brendabt 1826DevonBideford, Devon
Eliza Brendabt 1826DevonStoke Damerell, Devon
Eliza Brendabt 1833DevonWoolfardisworthy, Devon
Eliza Brendabt 1816DevonWoolfardisworthy, Devon
Elizabeth Brendabt 1825BerkshireDenchworth, Berkshire
Elizabeth Brendabt 1826DevonBideford, Devon
Elizabeth Brendabt 1771DevonStoke Damerell, Devon
Elizabeth Brendabt 1819EssexElmdon, Essex
Elizebeth Brendabt 1833DevonParkham, Devon
Emma Brend abt 1826EssexWest Mersea, Essex
Frances Brendabt 1798HampshirePortsea Town, Hampshire
Francis Brendabt 1796DevonWoolfardisworthy, Devon
George Brendabt 1806BerkshireChievely, Berkshire
George Brendabt 1837DevonBigbury, Devon
George Brendabt 1816DevonParkham, Devon
George Brend abt 1801Stoke Damerell, Devon
George Brendabt 1840DevonStoke Damerell, Devon
George Brendabt 1817EssexElmdon, Essex
George Brend abt 1821EssexWest Mersea, Essex
George Brendabt 1786WiltshireLiddington, Wiltshire
Grace Brendabt 1806DevonBradworthy, Devon
Hariot Brendabt 1839DevonParkham, Devon
Harrab Brendabt 1818LancashirePrestwich Cum Oldham, Lancashire
Harriett Brendabt 1816Charlton Next Woolwich, Kent
Harry Ann Brendabt 1840DevonBigbury, Devon
Helen Brendabt 1837DevonBideford, Devon
Henry Brendabt 1839KentMinster, Kent
Henry Brendabt 1811Minster, Kent
Henry Brend abt 1818SurreySt Mary Magdalen Bermondsey, Surrey
Henry Brend abt 1826WiltshireWroughton, Wiltshire
Hy Brend abt 1789SurreySt Mary Magdalen Bermondsey, Surrey
James Brendabt 1792CheshireButley, Cheshire
James Brendabt 1806DevonParkham, Devon
James Brendabt 1840DevonParkham, Devon
James Brendabt 1781DevonStoke Damerell, Devon
James Brendabt 1821Minster, Kent
James Brendabt 1821StaffordshirePenkridge, Staffordshire
Jane Brendabt 1836DevonBigbury, Devon
John Brendabt 1811DevonParkham, Devon
John Brendabt 1835DevonParkham, Devon
John Brendabt 1791DevonStoke Damerell, Devon
John Brendabt 1837DevonWoolfardisworthy, Devon
John Brend abt 1821SurreySt Mary Magdalen Bermondsey, Surrey
Joseph Brendabt 1815CheshireButley, Cheshire
Joseph Brendabt 1796DevonBideford, Devon
Joseph Brendabt 1839Bradworthy, Devon
Lucy Brendabt 1836BerkshireChievely, Berkshire
Margaret Brendabt 1801LancashirePennington, Lancashire
Maria Brendabt 1811BerkshireChievely, Berkshire
Marin Brendabt 1811LancashirePrestwich Cum Oldham, Lancashire
Mary Brendabt 1834BerkshireChievely, Berkshire
Mary Brendabt 1801DevonBideford, Devon
Mary Brendabt 1832DevonBideford, Devon
Mary Brendabt 1811DevonBigbury, Devon
Mary Brendabt 1830DevonBradworthy, Devon
Mary Brendabt 1781DevonCharles The Martyr, Devon
Mary Brendabt 1823DevonClovelly, Devon
Mary Brendabt 1796Stoke Damerell, Devon
Mary Brendabt 1821Stoke Damerell, Devon
Mary Brendabt 1796DevonWoolfardisworthy, Devon
Mary Brendabt 1806KentDartford, Kent
Mary Brendabt 1796WiltshireSt Mary The Virgin, Wiltshire
Mary Ann Brendabt 1840DevonStoke Damerell, Devon
Mary Jane Brendabt 1839DevonBigbury, Devon
Nicholas Brendabt 1791Stoke Damerell, Devon
Noamy Brendabt 1826HerefordshirePresteigne, Herefordshire
Patience Brend abt 1821EssexWest Mersea, Essex
Richard Brendabt 1776DevonParkham, Devon
Richd Brendabt 1831DevonBigbury, Devon
Robert Brendabt 1806DevonBradworthy, Devon
Robert Brendabt 1832Bradworthy, Devon
Robert Brendabt 1840DevonParkham, Devon
Samuel Brendabt 1829DevonBigbury, Devon
Samuel Brendabt 1806DevonBigbury, Devon
Sarah Brendabt 1806DevonBigbury, Devon
Sarah Brendabt 1836DevonBigbury, Devon
Sarah Brend abt 1790SurreySt Mary Magdalen Bermondsey, Surrey
Sarah Brendabt 1816WiltshireSt Mary The Virgin, Wiltshire
Sidney Brendabt 1835DevonStoke Damerell, Devon
Susan Brendabt 1826DevonWoolfardisworthy, Devon
Susan Brendabt 1781St Pancras, Middlesex
Susanna Brendabt 1821DevonStoke Damerell, Devon
Susanna Brendabt 1807DevonStoke Damerell, Devon
Susannah Brendabt 1817DevonSandford, Devon
Tabetha Brendabt 1771DevonSt Saviour, Devon
Thomagin Brend abt 1801DevonStoke Damerell, Devon
Thomas Brendabt 1787BerkshireDenchworth, Berkshire
Thomas Brendabt 1821DevonBideford, Devon
Thomas Brendabt 1771DevonBigbury, Devon
Thomas Brendabt 1835DevonBigbury, Devon
Thomas Brendabt 1796WiltshireSt Mary The Virgin, Wiltshire
Thos Brendabt 1821Stoke Damerell, Devon
William Brendabt 1830DevonBideford, Devon
William Brendabt 1801DevonBigbury, Devon
William Brendabt 1833DevonBigbury, Devon
William Brendabt 1821DevonHeavitree, Devon
William Brendabt 1831DevonParkham, Devon
William Brendabt 1803DevonStoke Damerell, Devon
William Brendabt 1836HampshirePortsea Town, Hampshire
William Brendabt 1831KentDartford, Kent
William Brendabt 1821Liddington, Wiltshire
Willm Brendabt 1776KentDartford, Kent
Wm Brendabt 1821DevonStoke Damerell, Devon
Wm Brendabt 1781Portsea Town, Hampshire