William Brend = ? Susanna
b. 1803ish b 1807ish
Sidney George King
b 1835ish b 1839/40 (registered Jan-Mar 1840)
Stoke Damerel, Devon.

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Jan 12, 2009 By the way did you ever find out anything about William Brind who lived in my house in the 1830s? Think he came from Milton Damerel.

The William Brind a butcher then from Bilsford in Buckland Brewer is indexed by findmy past as Brend in 1841 - original is ambiguous but probably looks more like Brend than Brind. In the 1832 Land Tax he is without doubt listed as Wm Brind occupier of Coles Manning - which I believe at the time consisted of my house - the one to which I am attached at right angles and quite a lot more land than now belongs to either property.

According to the 1851 census index (Brend) William was born about 1806 in Milton Damerel - baptised according to Family Search as William Vriend son of Richard and Agnes but there are children baptised in Milton Damerel to Richard and Agnes Brind prior to 1806 and again after 1806 when they are Brend.

William whoever he is married Ann Chappel in Buckland Brewer in 1829 - I have found 9 children in censuses. Janet Braund Few

Jan 12, 2009 I checked the Brends in the 1841 census. There are 140 of them. It doesn't sound like many but there are only about 250 Brinds in the 1841 census! I think there are enough of Brends to start a whole new one name study. Does anyone want to do it? It only takes about 25 years! Whilst there is certainly an argument that Brends and Braunds and Brinds are really the same family, just pronounced in different ways in different places in my opinion the whole point of a one name study is making the impossible, possible. It enables you to take a bite sized chunk out of the records and research that. To research more widely is insane since it would take far more effort than it would be worth. The major problem is where do you draw the line? If you take in the Brends (very good case) then how do you keep out the Brents? And I think there are a lot more Brents than there are Brinds, Braunds and Brends combined. Having done some analysis today it seems to me that more than half the Brinds lived in two counties, Berkshire and Wilshire, in 1841. Less than 10% of the Brends lived in the same counties at the same time. This could mean that they were really a different family or it's a matter of regional dialect. In Wiltshire and Berkshire the name was pronounced Brind in Devon and other counties it was pronounced Brend. I come back to the fact that I have been doing this one name study since about 1990 and whilst at first I could not help very many people who came to me for help with Brinds, these days I usually can offer some help (and a lot more people find their way to me than did 15 years ago thanks to the internet).

Thinking about 'my' William Brind/Brend/Vrind/Vriend and discovering his parents were Richard and Agnes B/B/V/V/ nee Fishleigh of Milton Damerel reminded me that one of our Braund branches is headed by John Braund/Brawn and wife Sarah Fishleigh of Milton Damerel - very similar dates. This John was alive for the 1851 census but annoyingly cannot be found despite seacrching under all sorts of odd things - including no surname. It did just occur to me that it might be possible that he and Richard were related. I have no parents for John, Richard or Agnes but I do have Sarah Fishleigh's parents and it seems unlikely that she and Agnes were sisters. You have DNA for John and Sarah's descendant (William Clare Brawn). Now all we need (apart from the Brend one-namer) is a descendant of Richard and Agnes willing to fork out for a DNA test.

Janet Jonathan Brind

Jan 13, 2009 at 08:44

I might be able to help you with the Fishleys since (strangely) my mother is descended from this family. The Fishleys were very famous because they had one of the last peasant potteries (in Fremington). In 1993 the Museum of North Devon in Barnstaple had an exhibition of pots made by the Fishleys who had been living in Fremington since at least 1636.

Coincidence, you say. Not a bit of it. "William whoever he is married Ann Chappel in Buckland Brewer in 1829," you said. The Fishleys were somehow connected to the Chapples since Elizabeth Fishley (b. 1852) a direct descendant of the potter family had Chapple as a middle name.

Jonathan Brind

Janet Braund Few

Jan 13, 2009 at 09:21

Seem to be lots of quite well off Fishleighs/Fishleys in Milton Damerel - mostly called Leonard or Bartholomew.

Agnes Fisheligh (wife of Richard was born about 1772 (according to age at burial). Sarah (wife of John Braw/Braund) born about 1776 was daughter of Leonard and Elizabeth of Milton Damerel who seemed to produce a daughter every year - but no Agnes.