George = Liddington 17/6/1767 Elizabeth (Hatt)
b 25/6/1735 d 30/8/1799 [64]
bur. 1/9/1799

Picture of tomb stone at Liddington
B. 1731
d 28/4/1813 [81]
bur. 4/5/1813

See Hatt connection
Walter George Joseph Thomas John
of Wroughton
b. 1768, Christened 6/6/1768
b. 25/2/1770 Christened Liddington 17/08/1772 B 1773 B May 1, 1774
d.Sept 1826 [58]
bur. 7/9/1826
d. Jan 21, 1861
d. 1/10/1817 [45]
Picture of tomb stone at Liddington
d. March, 1845
d. July 25, 1866 (92)
= Mary
d. April 3, 1843 (77)
b about 1766
= Ann b. 1775
d. Nov 17, 1847
=1806 Elizabeth (Brind)
b 1774-8 possible link
d 1855(79)
There was also a Joseph Brind on the Waterloo Medal roll. He was in the 15th Hussars, But "From Corunna to Waterloo: the letters and journals of two Napoleonic Hussars, 1801-1816 " By Edwin Griffith, Frederick Philips, Gareth Glover does not mention Brind. gravestone


The Brind/ Hatt connection
Catherine Brind = John Hatt 1766
George Brind = Elizabeth Hatt 1767
Mary Brind = Anthony Hatt 1768
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Extract from a letter sent to David Brind
3rd May 2001

The snapshot of the memorial tablet (with Arms) in Liddington Church seems to indicate that the family were bearing the Arms back to the time of George Brind (B.C. 1660, D 1-3-1722).The Arms show many similarities to the Hatchment version which I possess (there are other identical Hatchments handed down in our family). The Hatchment bears the motto "Vigilantibus Non Dormientibus" (The guards not sleeping) and the date 1767. Only now is the significance of the date revealed to me(recently found by one of my daughters on the Internet-- the marriage of George Brind to Elizabeth Hatt on 17-6-1767.I think it is a Mormon records and it does refer to Liddington). Family memory says that the hatchment is of the Brind family and that the Brinds were from (or of) Liddington Manor. The manor house, which I'm sure you have seen, is an Elizabethan building.
Liddington Manor (postmark date 13th November 1908) Thanks to Eric Bizley. From, where I live in Wiltshire.
I recall my father saying many times "there was an Admiral Brind" but he could not have been referring to your uncle (1892-1963) as he did not say "There is an Admiral Brind" (he was speaking 1930-35). I don't suppose that your uncle had retired before that time. I am careful (as my father was) not to say "WE are descended from an Admiral Brind" though there are features of the Hatchment which, to my mind, suggest some connection with the sea. I think I will act on your suggestion and write to he College of Arms,referring to your letter,enclosing a photograph of the Hatchment.

Noel F Jotham
See note on visitation of 1623

Hatchment owned by Jotham family. Note the hands are the opposite way round to Vicent's but may still be left hands...
NOTES: The nautical connection appears to be a fish on top of the Hatchment, but it doesn't look like a fish on the Liddington shield to me, though I have seen a picture that makes it fish like. The Hatchment, above, also has a fish shape on top of the helmet, but its an odd way to wear a fish! I'd guess it was a plume of feathers.

Sir Patrick, David's uncle, did not become an admiral until 1942.

"Vigilantibus Non Dormientibus" is the motto of the Bristow coat of arms which seems to date from about 1796. A note on a web site about the Bristow families says that mottos vary in various branches of the family. Jonathan Brind

This is the last will and testament
of me George Brind of Liddington int he County of Wilts yeoman which I
make publish and declare for disposoing of my worldly estate and effects in the manner
and form following that is say, IN the first place it is my will and devise that all
my just debts (except the mortgage debt upon my freehold estate) funeral and
testamentary expenses shall be paid and discharged by my executor hereinafter named
out of my personal estate I give and bequeath to my dear wife Elizabeth Brind
for and during the term of her natural life One Annuity or yearly sum of forty
pounds clear of all deduction to be paid to her quarterly on the fifth day of January
the fifth day o april, the ifth day of july and the tenth dy of October in every yer
the first quarterly payment to become due and be made on such of the days of payment
above mentioned as shall happen nxt after my decease AZnd I do hereby charge and
make liable my stock and personal estate and my executors in respect of the same with and
for payment of one moiety or half part of the said annuity upon and to be
issuing out of all my manor farm messuage land tenements and hereditaments
which I purchased of Ambrose Goddard esq and now in my own possessiona and occupation
situate and being in Liddington aofresaid and I direct the same to be paid thereout
quarterly as the smae shall become due on the days above mentioned for payment theref

and in case the last mentioned moiety of the said annuity or any part thereof shall be
unpaid by the space of twenty days after the same shall become due then I give to my said
wife full power and authoriuty to enter into and upon my said manor messuage
lands tenements and hereditaments or any part thereof and distrain for all arrears
of the said annuity in such and the same manner as landlords are by law
empowered to seize and distran for rent in arrears And incase it shall
happen that my said wife shall remove from my present dwelling home to reside
elsewhere then I give to her the use and enjoyment for her life of such of my
househopld goods and furniture as she may have real occasion for And
subject to the charges above mentioned upon and out of my stock and personal estate
I give and bequeath the same and every part thereof of whatsoever the same may consist
at my decease to my son John Brind and Joseph Brind for their own use to be

George Brind the mark and seal of George Brind
equally divided between them share and share alike-- also I give and devise
to my said son John Brind all that messuage or tenement and Water mile with the
piece of ground thereto belonging containing two Roods and thirty seven Perches or
thereabouts situate and being at Lyddington aforesaid and now in the possession of
George Theresh to hold the same to him my said son John his heis and assigns for ever
free and discharged from all charges and incumrance done or committed by me
and subject to the payment of a moiety of the said annuity or yearly sum of
forty pound to my said wife as aforesaid and to payment of the pricnipal moey
and interest due on mortgage of the estate purchased by me as aforesaid I give
and devise all my said manor farm messaguages lands tenement hereditaments
and real estate whatsoever (except the said Water Mile ans piece of ground thereto
belonging situate and being in Liddington aforesaid unto and to ???? of my four
sons Walter, George, Joseph and John Brind their heirs and assigns for ever as
tenants in commona and not as joint tenants, and i nominate constitute and appoint
my said son Joseph and John Brind join executors of this my last will and
testament hereby revoking all former and other wills by me at any time heretofore made
In witness wherseof I the said George Brind the testator have hereunto set my
hand and seal this sixth day of august in the year of our lond one
thousand seven hundred and ninety nine---
the mark and seal of George Brind

Signed and sealed by the said Testator George Brind
and by him published and declared to his last will
and testament in the presence of us, who in his presence
at his request and in the presence of each other have
subscribe our names John Sheppard
Nathanial Pope
????????? of Swindon