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William = 10/7/1805 St Giles, Camberwell Frances (Usher)
of Melbourn Farm
C. 1781 Liddington
d. 21/3/1839 [59] gravestone
Ann Maria Elizabeth William John George
C. St Mary, Rotherhithe 29/4/1804 C. St Luke, Old St, Finsbury 2/3/1806 b All Hallows, Lom(b)ard St 7/2/1820 London
d. 7/4/1843 [22] gravestone

Possible links for William include birth in 1779
and birth in 1769. However neither look very promising.
there was a William born 1756 who married Mary Dixon.
She seems to have died in 1797 and interestingly they only seem to have had daughters.
There is also a William son of Henry Brind/Lucy (Hidden) born in 1767 in Aldbourne.
And a William born in 1769 son of Robert Brind/ Sarah. There are probably others.

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