Abraham Joseph Dymock =Islington 1898 Louise Esther (Boys)
b 1867 born Islington
b Islington 1867/8
1901 census 1901 census
d. 28/jun/1951 (83) d. 1957 (83)
The Aldbourne Bell donated by AJD Brind in 1909
Louisa Ethel Robert Edwin Frederick A
b 1899 Islington b 17/Feb/1910 Islington b 11/Nov/1914 Islington
1901 census
d 1976 Enfield (66) d 1982 Exeter, Devon, (68)

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From: Geraldine Pickett geraldine.pickett@yahoo.com
Date: 8 February 2011 12:33:29 GMT
To: Jonathan Brind
Subject: Re: Brind

Oh what fun! Yes my dad was Fred Brind, he was a Telegraph Boy at first then worked in the Post Office.

Smashing Dad actually. His brother was Bob and sister Lou. First son died very young.

I went to Winns Avenue Primary then after that we moved to Surrey. I have a cousin (Bob's daughter) living in Harrow.

Hello there Jonathan,

I have just enjoyed your website, thanks. I used to live in Walthamstow from 1950 to 56. My mother and her parents lived there too. However my father Frederick Brind was born in Islington then he, his parents, brother and sister moved to Walthamstow.

Where do your ancestors come from? My Brind ancestors came from Aldbourne in Wiltshire.


Mrs Geraldine Pickett (Brind)