Enos = Highworth 2/4/1854 Mary (Reynolds)
b 1826 b 1834
d. 30/Jan/1911 d. 20/Sep/1904
Charles Mary Ann Sarah J Maria Eliza Ann E Emma E Elizabeth Edward William Henry William Anna Maria (Hannah)
B ? B 15/Jan/1859 NSW B 1862 NSW B 1863 NSW B 1865 NSW b 1866 NSW B 1869 NSW B 1871 NSW B 1873 NSW B 8/Nov/1874 NSW B 1874 NSW
=1878 James MILTON =1884 Henry Nagel Annie E C
b 1888
=13/June/1896 Hilde FRENCH
d. 1858 d. 18/Feb/1877 d. 1866 d. 1868
possibly 1915?
d. 1898 d. 26/June/1939 d. 9/Nov/1874

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Much of this info was provided by Gregory Milton (almost certainly from Australia) and passed to Mrs Livingstone in 1994.