James Lindesay = 1946 Warwick Elizabeth (Mann)
b. Aug 29, 1909 b. 1909
Brigadier DSO Somerset L I
d. 1996(86)
Christopher M, BA
b. 1949
= Margaret nee Walkey BSc (Hons) 1990

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From: chrismargaretb@aol.com

Subject: Elizabeth/Betty Brind's 90th Birthday Celebration completed successfully & Photos of Italy.

Date: 30 May 2009 15:28:02 BST

To: Brind Nigel and Suzanne suzannemitchell119@hotmail.com, Brind Michael and Marie-Clare , Gill Mann , Dick (and Peter at new house) Mann dick@mann-associates.fsnet.co.uk, Brind Chris and Margaret chrismargaretb@aol.com, Robin and Jan Brind janbrind@surefish.co.uk Jonathan Brind j@brind.co.uk

Dear relations and friends, Elizabeth's 90th birthday celebrations have been completed successfully. Three days of beautiful weather at the Belmont Hotel Sidmouth, E's own choice (!) and a very good one,in M and I's opinion.

Then M and I treated E/M to a birthday lunch at the Gupshill Manor, E's own choice again (!!) just this side of Tewkesbury,much enjoyed by all three of us. The birthday "girl" was thrilled with her numerous birthday cards and good wishes, as well as all sorts of presents, including generous book tokens and lavish bunches of flowers etc, too many to enumerate of course!

Less importantly but by popular demand, here are the photos that we want to share with you, of M and I's recent holiday based on Lake Orta, Piedmont, NW Italy. Apologies in advance to those relations who did not request them! Love to you all , from Chris and Margaret

PS: we thought about sending our photos of Sidmouth, but they all seem to lack any Italianesque historical and mythical interest!!

Can't understand why!! Perhaps our family modern history scholar, Nigel, or our family modern languages expert, Nicola, can explain, please?!!!

(Classical Roman bridge at Omegna,Lake Orta, For precise date of this bridge, please consult Chris's former university supervisor, an excellent and very modest "chap", Dr Tim Ryder, a Roman History expert, Eton Scholar and Visiting Professor of Michigan State University, USA, in my time, and latterly at James B's university, Univ of Reading. Chris can only date it to somewhere between 100 and 500 AD!! Not good enough, Bertie!!! )

("The Painter" at Orta San Giulio on Lake Orta)

(Isola Bella, Lake Maggiore)

(Chris and Margaret on Lake Orta)