Richard Nosworthy = Susan Mary Sowley
2nd WI Regiment ?

From: Jenny M Benson
Date: 2 August 2009 18:43:53 BST
Subject: Walter Brind, 1791-1834


I found your website when looking for information on the family of Walter Brind who married Ann Duffield in 1815. I am interested in the Brinds because I believe there is a dual connection to my family.

AIUI, the Walter I mention above was the son of Walter Brind and Susannah Sowley. My 3xGreat Grandmother was Susan Mary Sowley (probably born in Jamaica and certainly lived there) and she married Richard Nosworthy of the 2nd WI Regiment. I believe Susan had a brother William, but I don't know anything about her father. I know her mother died aged 104!

Richard Nosworthy and Susan Mary Sowley had a son named William who married Susan Brind, the daughter of Walter Brind & Ann Duffield.

I am sure there will turn out to be a connection between Susannah Sowley and my 4xGreat Grandfather, the father of Susan Mary Sowley but I have not yet found it. I wonder if you have any information which would help me?

My cousin in Australia sent for a copy of Walter Brind's Will (probated 1835) and I can send you a transcription if you are interested.



Mary (Sowley)Married Thomas Brind in 1790
Susanna (Sowley)Married Walter Brind in 1790
Frederic Sale Sowley1839-1912
The Parish records of St John Zachary with St Anne & St Agnes in the City of London state that Walter (1763-1832) married Susannah Sowley in 1790. She was the daughter of George Sowley a Jamaica Planter and friend of his father (also Walter). George Sowley was one of the witnesses of Walter Brind's will in 1796. Susanna died in 1843. Her sister Mary married the younger Walter's brother Thomas.

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