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The Brind/Waldron connection

There are 20 references to Waldron in an Assignment of a term of 1000 years in the Manor House and Farm and Mill of Liddington, dated 20 December 1867. Reference to Walter Brind WALDRON, Gentleman of Shefford Woodlands, Berkshire, son of Lovegrove Waldron the elder, makes it look like Lovegrove Waldron the elder may have been married to a Brind.

A letter from the Herald of the College of Arms dated 1984 says "No Mary Brind appears here nor is there any reference to Lovegrove Waldron or their marriage." which makes you think someone was investigating such a marital link.

Parish register recording marriage of Mary Brind and Lovegrove Waldron in 1830.

The will of John Brind late of Lyddington in the county of Wilts Yeoman deceased who died 25 July 1866 at Lyddington aforesaid was proved at Salisbury by the oaths of Walter Waldron.

Ivor Lovegrove Brind