William Henry =2/Jul/1863 Plaistow

(see certificate)
Wilhelminah (Comyns)
b. 1840
104 Bengal (later Dublin) Fusiliers
d 1920(80) d. 1917(72)
104 Bengal (later Dublin) Fusiliers,
Mary Anne Kate Maud Ellen Jane Christina Lydia Alfred Frederick Fell Beatrice Wilhelminah Gladys Eleanor
b. 1865 b. 1867 b. 1869 b. 1874 b. 1876 b. 1882
= J C Hewett Dorset Regt. (1) Marjorie Wrigley
(2) Florence M Stuttard
1901 Edward A Langslow Cock CCS 1903 Charles Graham
1930 1941 1917 1945 d. 1904

(From Brind Group in Facebook 2011)

Major General Sir (Edward?) Brind - Photograph taken by Jabez Hughes

Date: Saturday, 01 January 1870

Description: Major General Sir (Edward?) Brind, photographed circa 1870s by Jabez Hughes of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Source of descriptive information -Inscription in album, and faamily members. Inscriptions: Inscribed - On album page - beneath image: Capt Brind. Quantity: 1 b&w original photographic print(s). Physical Description: Albumen print, 10.5 x 6.2 cm, mounted on card.
From: david brind
Date: 28 November 2011 14:39:14 GMT
To: jonathan brind

In my view this is Capt W.H.Brind (1840-1920) c1872 at Ryde I of W. It is from an album (PA-group-00232) held by the Alexander Library Turnbull Library of Wellington NZ (National Library of NZ) Photo PA1-q-998-20-1. He looks like my Grandfather EAB, but the librarian has compared the ears of the two in photos and says that they are two different people. The name and place (Ryde) of the photographer are on the reverse of the photograph and WHB was stationed on the I of W at the time. Yours, David

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1890 AFT is in fact AFFH. He sailed on the Teutonic White Star Line on 19/2/1890 from Liverpool
1890 Colonel Liverpool- Montreal William Henry 1840-1920 (son of Sir James) went to collect AFFH who was ill.

1863 Marriage solemnized at St Mary's Church in the Parish of Plaistow in the County of essex
No When Married Name and surname Age Condition Rank or Profssion Residence at the time of Marriage Father's name and surname Rank or Profession of Father
361 2ndJuly William Henry Brind full Bachelor Military Parkhurst isle of Wight James Brind CB Briigadier
Wilhelmina Mary Comyns minor Spinster   Plaistow William Comyns Merchant
Married in the church of St Mary Plaistow according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church after licence by me George Godsell MA
This Marriage was
solemnized between us
William Henry Brind
Wilhelmina Mary Comyns
    In the
Presence of us
Alexander Comyns
Henry Edward Gr...?

Source =GOONS marriage challenge November 2009.