William James Brind = ? Mary Irene (Darty)
b. 1899/1900 Devizes, Wiltshire      ?
1901 census
Enlisted in 1914 at Warley (Essex?)
(David Brind July 2013)
= d. 1955(55) in Brentwood     
Patricia M Patrick J J (James) Frederick George 'Jock' Charlie Michael
b. ? b. Indian Subcontinent 15/May/1926 b. Indian Subcontinent 13/Jan/1928 b. ? b. ?
= 1950 Kavanagh = 1950 Brentwood Ms Cooke = 1947 Brentwood Ms Britton
= d. 2004(78) in Brentwood d. 2/Apr/1987(59)
See obit in Tiger &Sphinx.
See drummer boys.
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Sent: Tuesday, 16 June, 2009
Subject: Re: Brinds
Hi Carl, My grandfathers first name was William, my mother Patricia was born in Alexandria Egypt while my grandfather was stationed out there. Thanks Carl for checking all this out for me. Tom

Hi my name is Tom Kavanagh, my grandfather's surname was Brind & was born in Devizes in Wiltshire early1900's he served in the wiltshire regt & lived through both wars. All my family lived in the far east through the war years ie Singapore, Malaiysia & returned to live in Brentwood Essex after the war. My mother had 4 bothers surname Brind hence the name Brind , but after marrage to my father changed her name to Kavanagh. If this is of any help to you i would like to know. Tom
Hi Carl, My mother's name is Patricia, her brother's names are James, Fred, Charlie, & Michael. I have a number of cousins with the name Brind, here are a few, Stuart, Gordon, Jamie, Robert, Stephen, Angela, William, these are just a few, i could go on but it will be never ending. I do hope this is of some infomation to you. Tom
Drummer Boys Father.. He must have also enlisted as a Drummer Boy.
Hope this is of some help. I will see what else I can find out about
parents of WJB. David

Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2013 11:25:14 +0100
Subject: Re: FW: Enquiry 6501/13 Re Brind Brothers. 2nd Bn Gordon Highlanders
From: archivist@thewardrobe.org.uk
To: david.brind@hotmail.com
Dear Lieutenant Colonel Brind
Please find herwith the information re William James Brind.

Service Nos 9133/5562233;

Enlisted 13 March 1914, at Warley age 14 years, 36/365 days;
Occupation: Grocer's Assistant;
Born Devizes Wilts;
Discharged: 27 July 1934 (KR 370(xxviii);
Married: Mary Irene Darty, English, Spinster at Kamptee;
Son: Frederick George, b 13 Jan 1928 at Secunderabad;
Medal: British War Medal & Victory Medal;
Service BEF 30 Aug - 31 Oct 1918;
Wounded: GSW Hand Rt;

The Museum is not able to identify the Battalion in which he was serving when he received the wound.

It was a pleasure to meet you earlier, good luck in your research.

Yours sincerely

Chris Bacon


On Fri, Jun 14, 2013 at 6:46 AM, Chris Bacon wrote:
Dear Lietenant Colonel Brind

With your additional info I have identified Brind snr & will be responding in due course.
Yours sincerely
Chris Bacon

On Thu, Jun 13, 2013 at 4:38 PM, david brind wrote:
Dear Mr Bacon,
For background info re Sgt Brind.
Yours David Brind

From: jstewart_mitchell@hotmail.com
To: david.brind@hotmail.com
Subject: Enquiry 6501/13 Re Brind Brothers. 2nd Bn Gordon Highlanders
Date: Sun, 26 May 2013 20:16:04 +0100
Dear Colonel Brind,
I refer to our telephone conversation on Thursday and, as promised, attached is the information on the Brinds. There are several attachments (8 in total) which add greatly to the text in the word document and I hope you find these helpful.
I mentioned that I had recently released a book, entitled "Scattered Under the Rising Sun" which details the 2nd Battalion Gordon Highlanders' period in the Far East from 1937 to 1945 and gives a great deal of information on the men and their individual and collective exploits. Most of this is new material not previously published and I am sure you will find this of interest. I have also attached one of the reviews, from The Scottish Field magazine which may give you a flavour of the book.

The book is published by Pen & Sword Books Ltd and available from them and through Amazon, etc. I doubt if it is readily available in book shops in your area. I have attached some links below where you can purchase the book online and see other reviews, etc., if you are interested.
It is also available through the Museum's book shop but it is more expensive here and there would also be postage to add.
I shall be grateful if you will acknowledge receipt of this e-mail and attachments so that I know you have received it safely and managed to open the attachments.
Best wishes,
Stewart Mitchell
Volunteer Researcher
Gordon Highlanders' Museum,