Very similar tree
Very similar tree
John Oct 26, 1869
Susan Mary (Featherstone)
b.about 1846/8 Stratford
     b. Middlesex about 1849
1871 census
1871 census
1881 census
1881 census
d. West Ham 1916(69) d. West Ham 1888(40)
Alice Mary Charles E
b. Stratford 1870 b. Stratford 1873     
1871 census
1881 census
Possible death entry

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1881 Census

Charles E7GSonULondon BromleyScholarBrind, John BStratford, ESS
Emily22DaurULondon BromleyConfectionery+Brind, John BStratford, ESS
John32SonMLondon BromleyLightermanBrind, John BStratford, ESS
John B69HeadMLondon BromleyLightermanSelfEpping, ESS
Mary A29DaurULondon BromleyWeaverBrind, John BStratford, ESS
Matilda27DaurULondon BromleyMachinestBrind, John BStratford, ESS

1869 Marriage solemnized at St John's Church in the Parish of St John's, Stratford in the County of Essex
No When Married Name and surname Age Condition Rank or Profssion Residence at the time of Marriage Father's name and surname Rank or Profession of Father
91 Oct 26th John Brind 21 Bachelor Lighterman Stratford John Bishop Brind Lighterman
Susan Mary Featherstone 21 Spinster   Stratford Jeremiah Featherstone Foreman
Married in the church of St John according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church after Banns by me S David kees?, curate
This Marriage was
solemnized between us
John Brind
Susan Mary Featherstone
    In the
Presence of us
Jeremiah Featherstone
Eliza Sarah Featherstone

Source =GOONS marriage challenge November 2009.