Stephen = Jean (Weller) Diana (Kolbowski)
d. 2004 in New Zealand
SamanthaAmy Sally Atticus Joseph Rowan Stuart
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b. 1971 b. 1987? b. 1992?

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Stephen Brind was born in 1945 and is the son of Joseph Walter Edward Brind who ran Woolwich Arsenal Armaments Factory. J W E B died in 1968 at the age of 58. J W E B had two sisters who died very young. They came from Plumstead. His father, Stephen's grandfather, was also called Joseph Brind, and worked for the navy in Malta as a gunner. Stephen has one brother, William Stuart Brind, who lives in Southampton. J W E B had a previous marriage, and a daughter called Sherry was the product of that marriage.

I was given your name by Yaki Brind, AKA Clive who has a brother Stephen who contact me recently. I had spoken to him (Stephen) years back briefly as we were in the same business (Film). I am one of 3 children, Sherry ( Birth Name Shirley), William but he uses his middle name Stuart, and me, Stephen, the only one its seems who doesn't have a problem with his name . I beginning to think it is a family trait. My Father was married before and I have a half sister Sherry. His name was Joesph Walter Edward Brind, born in Plumstead, London. One of 3 children, his siblings were sisters but they died when still in there teens. He was an engineer and senior Civil Servant working for the Ministry of Defence. He was given the job as Master (I think it was called that) of the Royal Mint, the same position that Sir Issac Newton held. But unfortunately he died young (58) before he started the job. His father was Joseph Brind, as well, who was in the Royal Navy as a Gunner posted in Malta for a time I believe. I heard from an other Brind some years back who was from Essex, but we were not related as far as he could tell. He he did send me some birth/death certificates that I still have somewhere. I have 3 children 1 from my first wife (Jean Weller, maiden name) She died in 2004 in New Zealand. She had gone to stay with my daughter Samantha Amy Sally Brind (35) I have 2 Sons: Atticus Joseph (19), and Rowan Stuart (14). My half sister has one daughter, Kathryn, who has 3 daughters. My Brother William Stuart lives in London. He married a woman from Gambia and they have 2 children of there own children I believe and adopted 3 others. You will probably find this all tedious but just in case I thought I would let you know. I hope are well and wish you well. Sincerely Stephen Brind
Date: 2007/05/03 Thu AM 11:24:12 BST
Subject: My Family History

Hi Clive,

I don't know much, what I do know is that my father Joseph Walter Edward Brind was born in Plumstead, SE London. He died in 1968 at aged 58. He worked in the ministry of defence as a senior Civil servant although he was basically educated as an engineer and was responsible for the manufacturing of the Centurion Tank, at ROF Bombay, Leeds in Yorkshire; and the Sterling sub-machine gun. He was then put in charge of the closing down of Woolwich Arsenal. He was appointed to head the Royal Mint for the change over of the pound, shillings and pence to the decimal system. It would have been the same post that Sir Issac Newton held, but he died suddenly before taking up the position. He had two younger sister who died in their late teens early twenties one for tuberculosis the other I believe in child birth. His father was in the Royal Navy as a Gunner based in Malta for a long while. I think that the family was in the Plumstead area for two generations, and some where in Essex. That's all I know. Hope this helps, I do have his birth/death certificate somewhere but I have moved so often recently I can put my fingers on it.

Good Luck Stephen Brind

Dear Cousin Clive, What a delightful surprise.
Yes, Stuart, although his birth certificate reads William Stuart Brind, he decided he liked Stuart far more at aged of 4 and has never changed it. Sherry is in fact our half sister, she was Shirley Elisabeth but she too decided to change her name at a young age, her mother Clair, also hailed from Plumstead. I am the only one it seems was satisfied with my name, although at about 5 I did toy with the idea of Roy, as in Roy Rogers, but fortunately it didn't last! Sherry has a daughter Kate, who begat three daughters. Stuart started late in life and has two children, both boys; Stephen (6) and Alex (5). I was married twice Jean, (now deceased) with whom I had a daughter Samantha Amy Sally Brind, born 1971, who now lives in New Zealand, happily married and very successful and has two boy's, Tane (14) and Nemo (11). I have lived in the United States for 30 years, although I have live in 7 countries. I married Diana Kolbowski, and have 2 boy's Atticus (19) and Rowan (15). Regretfully we got divorced after being together for 24 years not long ago. I will leave it there for the moment as I am being called to supper, I have been staying for the past few days with Sherry, but leave back to the states on Monday. We shall write more later, Good to hear from you. Stephen Brind