Edward James =St Asaph 1941 Iris Amelia (Hughes)
b. 7/Jan/1919      b. 8/Feb/1918
d. 2003(84)      d. 2005(87)
Peter J Michael J Simon M Susan M Pamela?
1943 Bangor 1947/8 Newbury 1951 Reading 1954 Reading
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Amelia Mizzy Brind i am grandaughter of Iris & Edward (Ted) Brind, they had 3 sons and 2 daughters, peter-john, simon, michael, pamela and susan. They all lived in reading. i don't know anything about my grandparents siblings apart from my grandmother had a sister called bebe. i know nothing of my great grandparents as they had died before my dad (micheal james brind) was even born. any info would be great thanks :) Facebook September 2011
my grandma's maiden name was Iris Amelia Huges but Thomas from my grandpa's side could be right, I know there is def a welsh connection. My dad and his siblings always spent the summer in new quay north wales!
Amelia Mizzy Brind: Yes I spoke to dad today, he told me about grandpa's brothers and sisters. He was 1 of 7 now he gave me the names over the phone, I can remember edward (grandpa) fredrick, Edna, Margret, William, he told me 1 more and then couldn't remember the other. He also said Aunty Margret still lives in lambourne apparently... Grandpa (ted) was a well know communications expert and worked for the post office who back then were in charge of the phones etc he went on to work for their union. This also helped him to become a bit of a communications expert in the 2 nd world war! Fascinating stuff!! My dad has got a coat of arms and also a brind book which belonged to grandpa. He's going to find it out for me along with any old photos I'll put some on here when I've gone through them. Dad seemed to think he's got pictures of grandpa when he's about 18!! Facdebook 13 September, 2011.