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This family lived at Stock Lane, Aldbourne, from 1827 to 1841 (at least)
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Aldbourne 23/12/1822
Aldbourne 1827
Mary (Barrett)
Mary (Bremmer)
Sheep dipper (dealer?) probably born Aldbourn about 1795
perhaps 20/05/1793
Witnesses Daniel Liddiard,
John Barrett
Witnesses Daniel Liddiard, Hugh Bremmer
b. Wiltshire
1841 census 1841 census
William Jane Elizabeth John Mary Eleanor
C Aldbourne October 3, 1823 C Aldbourne August 5, 1825 C Aldbourne March 15, 1827, C Aldbourne June 15, 1828 C Aldbourne July 3, 1831 C Aldbourne August 3, 1834
d. 1831(7) =John James Dod, salesman
see Parish Register
of Bethnal Green age 22 son of James Dod salesman
Witnesses Thomas Brind, Elizabeth Brind
Woodman/ sheep dipper 1841 census 1841 census

According to Jane Brind's wedding register entry, Thomas Brind was a dealer. Perhaps she was embarrassed to admit her father was a sheep dipper since she seems to have married a man from metropolitan Bethnal Green? Oddly though the ceremony took place in Aldbourn (and a Thomas Brind seems to have been a witness) so Thomas should have been known. Perhaps a sheep dipper was a dealer?

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Mary Barrett = Thomas Brind 1822
John Barrett witness at Thomas Brind wedding 1822
Sarah Barrett second wife of Thomas Brind (1824)
George & John Barrett husbands of Mary Brind (C. 1820)