Charles was the son of Henry Brind (1859-1931) and Jane (Andrews) (1862-1931). Charles had an elder brother Henry The fish, who had a fish barrow (according to Bill Brind). There was also a sister and she died in a fire at about the age of 1. Bill had two older brothers Charles Alfred (1916-1984) and Alfred George Samuel.
Charles = 8 December,1915
= Mile End Old Town Register Office
Emily nee Potter
born 1893 Mile End
Living at 10 Ernest St, Mile End in 1915 working as a dock labourer
Born 4/12/1893 and died in
1984 (90)
Father Charles Potter was a journeyman butcher
d. 1978 in Romford (85)
Charles Alfred Alfred George Samuel Henry W (Bill)
b 1916 Mile End b March 2, 1922 Mile End b April 28, 1933 Stepney
= Lily Moore = Marjorie Crombleholme = Loredana May
d. 1985 (69) d. November 23, 2007 (85)
Clerk Self employed Film director
See film by Bill

Note from Alfred George Samuel Brind and Bill Brind.

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Dear Jonathan
Very many thanks for your telephone call of yesterday. As promised, I'm enclosing the letter I received from Oxford Ancestors, a colour copy of the Paternal clans with my y-chromosome signature plus some details of the Oisin clan to which, they tell me I belong!
I am also enclosing an information sheet of "Impressions of Expo 67" which you saw part of on the internet and, in case you're interested, some details of my film and tv career.
I've already sent other information to David and will ask him to pass them on to you. One photograph I want back as I do not have any copies. David will know which one.
As suggested I lay out on another page some of my reactions on discovering I have a few interesting ancestors!
I look forward to a meeting with you and David some time next year. With best wishes, As err. Bill
The background October 17th 2004.
I was born in Stepney on April 28th 1933, well within the sound of Bow Bells which allows me to call myself a Cockney.
Stepney in those days was very Jewish, many from Germany who had the good sense and means to "get out" before Hitler began to get serious.
:Life in many ways was simple and happy although not easy, but then people didn't seem to expect very much-- they "knew their place", thought that everything British was best and everywhere else was populated by niggers and wogs and other undesirables.
I managed to escape this environment because of the war, when I was evacuated to Windsor with my mother. I was soon swimming across the Thames-- about 80 to 100 feet wide, perhaps, but I was convinced I was swimming, across the Amazon and then there was Windsor forest where one could get lost and play out all sorts of adventures.
After the war we ended up in a rental house in Romford. I left school at 15 and began my first job in August of 1948 as a messenger boy with the BBC at Broadcasting House where I earned the princely sum of £2 per week!
I often thank God (although I'm a non believer) that I worked for the BBC. Why? I immediately met interesting people, occasionally took well known individuals to the radio studio to be interviewed and most important of all, the BBC sent me to school at night and all day on Fridays.
Obviously, I could write dozens more pages but hopefully from this, one can get "a feel" of where one came from.
And so, how did I feel when I heard I had ancestors like Captain Brind and according to David, other British military types?
First of all I guess I was somewhat surprised as all of my relatives did very ordinary jobs, never owned property until much later on in life if at all, and no one seemed to know or even care about ancestors. To be able to survive relatively in tact was perhaps sufficient.
I Married an Italian girl from a very different background to myself. Both our children have degrees and professional jobs, and I, through luck, ambition, and moving from one country to another, have done reasonably well.
After getting over my surprise, which happened finally when I received from Oxford Ancestors confirmation of my relationship to David, I became intrigued and fascinated. Not in any snobbish sense but intrigued and still somewhat surprised, that a few ancestors of mine have achieved and had public recognition of their achievements. I only wish my father were alive so that he, too, could enjoy and perhaps even been amazed and incredulous at the lives led by some of his forebears.
I do hope, Jonathan, that these few sentences might give you some idea of my reactions. When we meet next year we can and will discuss further.
National Film Board of Canada - Montreal, Quebec
August 1966 - December 1992
• Film Editor, Director, Producer, Executive Producer
United Nations - Beirut, Lebanon and Vienna, Austria
January 1978 - December 1980
• Head, Audio Visual Branch (on secondment from the Canadian Government to the United Nations).
British Broadcasting Corporation - Birmingham, England
November 1958 - June 1966
• Film Editor and Film Director
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation - Toronto, Ontario
January 1957 -June 1958
• Film Assistant
Impressions of Expo 67• Chris Award
• Certificate of Participation, Brussels
• Exhibition Award, Edinburgh International Film Festival
• Special Mention (International Festival of Architecture)
A Matter of Survival• Blue Ribbon Award
Another Side of the Forest• Diplom Ekofilm 75, Ceskoslovensko
• Diploma, Venice, Italy
Jack Rabbit• Screening Award - American Film Festival
• International Ski Film Festival Award
• Screening Award - Sydney Film Festival
• UNESCO Award
Sami Herders• Blue Ribbon Award
In Search of the Bowhead Whale• Blue Ribbon Award
Path of the Paddle: Doubles Whitewater• Special Jury Award, San Francisco International Film Festival
High Grass Circus• Certificate of Nomination Award for the 1977 Oscar
nominations in the documentary feature category
Song of the Paddle• Red Ribbon Award
Devil at your Heels• Los Angeles International Film Exhibition Award
• Canadian Genie Award as Best Theatrical documentary
Rendez-vous Canada, 1606• Honourable Mention, 38th Annual International Film and Video Festival, Columbus, Ohio

Bill Brind (centre) in Russia.

David and Bill Brind pictured in 2005.

Bill Brind pictured with David Brind, Jonathan Brind and John and Doris Gilbert (nee Brind) in 2005.

Marjorie and (Alfred) George (photo provided by Bill Brind) in 2005.