Walter = 7/5/1836 Sydney
Anne Campbell = 18/8/1845 Hackney Parish Church
Harriett Dolton (or Dalton)
See Dalton connection
It has been alleged that Walter Brind married his own niece Harriet Dolton bigamously, since it is said that his first wife Anne was still alive and married for a second time herself some years later. Marrying your own niece is completely illegal.
A fairly brief account of much of the evidence these allegations are based on can be seen at this link.
See note 1
d. Mile End 1903 (84)
father Charles was a builder
(1851/71/1901 censuses)
1851 census 1851 census
1861 CENSUS ENTRY    Also see 1881 census
1871 census 1871 census
See 1881 census
See also possible entry in 1901 census
Mary A Charles John
Possible link
Walter George William Thomas Samuel Henry James
b 1836 b August 3, 1846
17 Goldsmiths Row, Haggerstone East

b 3 July 1849
10 John St, Haggerstone (Shoreditch)

b 8/ August/ 1853
10 John St, Haggerstone (Shoreditch)

10 John St, Haggerstone (Shoreditch)
C 13/9/1857 Christ Ch,Spitalfields,Stepney
b 8/August/1857
C 13/9/1857 Christ Ch,Spitalfields,Stepney
4 Pelham St, Mile End (Whitechapel)
b 25/12/1860
b 6/3/1862
at 2 Pelham Street
1871 census 1871 census 1871 census
1881 census
Emma Cavalier
Married in Bethnal Green Parish Church, March 22, 1875,
She was living at 2 Gibraltar Walk, Brannon Place, daughter of printer William Cavalier. The groom lived at 8 Thomas St and was a case maker. Neither could sign their name.
M 1884 Jane nee Andrews d. 1931 (69). The two died within 13 days. M Elizabeth Taylor nee Tucker
Bricklayer Wharf porter Dock labourer Street trader (fish) Ostler in 1881,house demolisher, labourer
d 1851 d ??? d Whitechapel 28, December, 1876
Metropolitan Free Hospital, Spitalfields

d 8 November, 1925 (72)
17 Wennington Rd, Bethnal Green
Pnuemonia following injury to leg while at work brick fell on him (accidental) inquest held November 12, 1925

d. 1866(9)
at 8 Bacon st,
Bethnal Green

d 16 January, 1931
20 Jupps Road, Mile End Old Town (70)
d Essex 1936 (74)
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Certified copy of an entry of DEATH
Registration district Whitechapel 1866 DEATH in the Sub-district of Town in the County of Middlesex
No When and where died Name and surname Sex Age Occupation Cause of death Signature, description and residence of informant When registered Signature of registrar
425 Eighteenth December
8 Bacon Street
Male 9 years Son of Walter Brind
A Dock Labourer
X The Mark of Harriet Brind
Present at Death 8 Bacon Street, Bethnal Green
Twenty fourth December
Henry Ashford

Dock Labourer, then Journeyman ship rigger
born Middlesex 1806,  Christening 1807
d Bethnal Green 27 October, 1872 (66)
Last address 8 Thomas Street, Bethnal Green
At various times mariner (merchant service)
& sail maker
His father William was a coal meter.

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1881 Census
RG 11/418
Civil Parish Bethnal Green
City or Municipal Borough of Hackney
Municipal Ward of South
Parliamentary Borough of Hackney
Urban Sanitary District of Bethnal Green
1 Coventry Street? Relationship Marr
Age Occupation where born
Charles Brind Lodger Unm 24 Bricklayer London Shoreditch
James Brind Lodger Unm 19 Ostler London Shoreditch
Harriett Brind Mother W 63 Laundress Hackney