John James = 1890 Aldbourn Eleanor (Bunce)
b. 1861
in Aldbourne, Wilts
See another John James
b. Moulsford, Berks, about 1840-1
1901 census 1901 census
1911 census 1911 census
Woodman & Thatcher in 1901
William John attempted to enlist, or was drafted in 1914 but they wouldn't have him because he had an extensive cleft palate, which meant he articulated quite inaudibly making him useless as a soldier. It probably saved his life. He was 5'6", weighed 144lbs, a little over ten stone and had a 36" chest (or 39" expanded), when he was 22 years old. See documents
William John Edith Emma
b. 1891

in Aldbourne, Wilts,
b. 1899/1900

in Aldbourne, Wilts,
1901 census 1901 census
d. 5/7/1968 (76)
1911 census 1911 census
Cleft plate
A poem about death by Mary Jane, sister of John James Brind, with an article containing a lot of biographical information about this family
William Bunce & Eleanor Brind cutting wife of John James Brind

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