John = Eva (Heath)
May 11, 1873
b 1875
d 1969 d 1936
This is a picture of an Aldbourne Brind family who emigrated to America, according to information from the Aldbourne archive. It may be this family, who seem to have emigrated to Canada from Aldbourne. It may be another. If it is this family it was probably taken in late 1909 or early 1910 when Eva would have been pregnant with Reginald. Neither woman looks particularly pregnant (though both are sitting) but the woman on our right is holding the youngest boy's hand (Cecil?) in a very motherly fashion. At that time the boys would have been about 5, 7, 9 and 11 which looks exactly right.
Oliver Edward Leslie John Herbert Stanley Arthur Cecil Reginald
b Albourne 14/Feb/1899 b 10/July/1900
b 5/Sept/1902
b 25/Jul/1904
b British Columbia
See Canadian enlistment
= Surina Carrington (Gullen)
d North Vancouver, British Columbia

Burial: Capilano View Cemetery, West Vancouver
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1911 Census British Columbia New Westminister 39 Dewdney Riding page 10
LineHouseNameMarr?RelationGenderBirth monthBirth yearAge
5104Brind JohnMHeadMMay187338

6104Brind EvaFWifeMAug187337

7104Brind Oliver CMSonSFeb189912

8104Brind LeslieMSonSJul190010

9104Brind StanleyMSonSSep19028

10104Brind CecilMSonSJul19046

11104Brind ReginaldMSonSSep19106/12