The link is to a Robert who is simply the right sort of age and in the right place to marry Elizabeth. This link might, however, be wrong and it might be an entirely different Robert Brind mentioned in the parish records. Robert may have died in the era of death certificates, so it might be possible to check.
The Aldbourn PR for Richard Brind's baptism says Robert and Elizabeth lived at Lodge, Aldbourn and he was a labourer
Robert = 17/10/1814,
b. Aldbourn
Elizabeth (Page)
b 6/5/1792
Witnesses Margaret Liddiard,
James Bridgeman
The Butts, Aldbourne, in 1841
Richard Martha Miriam John Thomas Robert
b 18/6/1815
C 17/8/1817
b 13/2/1820
C: 4/8/1822
b 10/10/1824
b 14/3/1827

Possible 1881 census entry
=1840 George Hayes
1841 Census 1841 Census 1841 Census
A Robert Brind who was born in about 1827 died at the age of 74 in 1901 in Wallingford, Berks
The census entry of 1881 has Robert living close to a Thomas Brind (b 1855/6 in Lambourne, ag lab) and Margaret (b 1858/9 Middx). Could Thomas have been the son of Robert? Thomas & Margaret had two sons, Ernest G (b 1879/80) and Herbert (b 1880/1). It is possible that this is the Thomas Brind of Sunninghill, near Ascot, who was mentioned in the Daily Mirror of February 8, 1917, because he had eight sons who had enlisted. It is possible that Robert is the father of Thomas. Robert could have got married in 1849.

October 31, 2002.

Dear Jonathan, Thank you very much for the CD. We have spent many happy hours exploring it! We are making good progress and Paul believes that he is descended from the
Aldbourne branch. He now plans to verify by sending for one or two certificates and he is also going to check 1891 and 1901 census returns. Family tradition always said that Paul's grandfather's father was a shepherd and that their fathers before them were all shepherds.

Paul thinks it likely that his grandfather's brother Harold returned to the USA after the First World War and was mentioned in one of the letters from America that is on the CD. I think that we may find that some of the brothers were regular soldiers and that they were in the army before the First World War-- we know that this was true of Paul's grandfather. Paul's grandfather was injured in the First World War (mentioned in the caption of the newspaper photograph).

Thank you once again. We will continue with our searching. Paul has found details of his family on the CD. We found births for Paul's cousins, his mother and her siblings and for his grandfather. There are marriages for a cousin, his parents and an aunt and an uncle and his grandfather.

After checking certificates and censuses we believe that Paul will be able to trace back through the information on the CD.

It has taken me quite a few years to trace various branches of my family back to 1700s or 1600s but modern technology, hard work by other Brinds will be paving the way for Paul.

All best wishes,

from Pam and Paul Mold

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