See the family history produced by husband of one of the nieces of Peter Brind.
Robert = 20/12/1826 E Shefford, Berks Jane (Bridgeman) = Robert Woolliams
b 14/1/1799 Beedon Jane was probably a
fairly close cousin to Robert
1841 census 1841 census
1851 census 1851 census
see will
Ellen M Woolliams
(b. 1851)
Thomas Mary Ann James Bridgman Sarah Elizabeth Ann Robert Louisa Emily
b 1829 b 1831 b 1832 b 1833 b 1834 b 1837 b 1839 b 1841
=Hannah Whitehead =John Smith Rimes (b. 1848)
1841 census 1841 census 1841 census 1841 census 1841 census
1851 census 1851 census 1851 census
d 1848 d 1882

(Bridgeman connection)
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Note: There seems to be a problem with some of the above. The Emily Eleanor registered as being born in 1841 may be the one intended, but this person was born in Greenwich. There was a Louisa born in 1838 (the 1839 date above may be the date for the baptism). However, she was born in Hungerford, not Greenwich. JEB

1841 Census at East Garston, Berkshire
Name Age Link Parish of birth Job
Robert 50 Berkshire Seedsman
Jane 35 wife Berks Wife
Thomas 12 son Berks  
Mary Ann 10 dau Berks  
Sarah 8 dau Berks  
Robert 4 son Berks  
Louisa 2 dau Berks  

This link leads to a copy of the census. Unfortunately it is faded and difficult to read.

The 1841 census gives ages (over 15 years) to the nearest five years multiple, hence the birth dates of Robert and Jane are only approximate.

The name of daughter Louisa actually reads Lovesia on the census form, however this may be due to the poor handwriting of the enumerator and the name has been assumed as Louisa.

Robert's occupation of seedsman is hardly surprising as East Garston is in the heart of agricultural Berks/Wilts.