Robert William John = Cardiff 1910 Ms Legg
b. Cardiff 1885 b. ????
d. 1964(78)
Grizelda E Arthur Reginald Annie E Olwen M
b 1914 Cardiff b 29/Nov/1915 Cardiff b 1919 Cardiff b 1922 Cardiff
d 1984 (68)
I am married to Robert Arthur Brind who was born in Cardiff in 1942. His family were the bakers referred to and he is giving the following info. Great Grandfather Robert John Brind hailed from Tiverton, Devon where he was apprenticed to a baker at 16yrs of age in Dec 1877. He later moved to Cardiff and established the business of R J Brind & Son, the latter being my Grandfather, Robert William John Brind. There were two siblings, a sister and a brother who died when he was quite young. R W J had a son and three daughters. The son, Arthur Reginald and my father went into the business as a Master Baker. The bakery was behind the shop in Canton and there wer four others until around 1940. The main shop transferred to Fairwater in 1937 and the bakery wnt to Seven Grove where it stayed until the bakery side businesswas disolved in 1955. The Fairwater shop was retained until circa 1979. I did not go into the bakery, my father became a full time lecturer in Bakery/Food Technology. R J B died C1944, R W J B 1964, and A R B 1984. As far as I have been able to ascertain I am now the eldest surviving direct male descendant and I have a son. Hilary Brind Facebook July 2011
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