There are some confusing similarities between this tree and another tree
Robert = 17 April 1778 Aldbourn Mary Watts
b. 1/2/1750 Aldbourn b: 28/5/1742
Buried 17 Jan, 1826 age 75, "a good man" buried: 30/1/1823(65)
Robert William Mary Thomas George
b. 1/11/1778 Aldbourn b. 30/7/1780 Aldbourn b. 24/3/1782 Aldbourn b. 29 Aug, 1784 Aldbourn b. 27/07/1788 Aldbourn
= Mary Hunter 6/2/1804
Witnesses James Bridgeman, Mary Bridgeman
= Miriam Coxhead 27/10/1821 = James Bridgeman
17/10/1803 Aldbourn

Witnesses Robert Brind, Hester Barret
= Hannah Liddiard April 10, 1808
See Liddiards
= (2) Sarah Barrett Dec 23, 1824 Aldbourn
= May 12, 1833 Hannah Saunders
= January 24, 1841 Maria Titcomb
Agricultural labourer Shopkeeper in 1820
d 1848 d 1854 buried May 19, 1826 (42) d 1869
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The following individual may be connected to the above family because the witness was Ann Watts and the above Mary nee Watts may be connected to her in some way.Of course, Watts is a common name and this is a tenuous link!

Certified copy of an entry of DEATH
Registration district Newbury 1866 DEATH in the Sub-district of Speen in the County of Berks
No When and where died Name and surname Sex Age Occupation Cause of death Signature, description and residence of informant When registered Signature of registrar
??? Twenty seventh March 1866
Stockcross Speen
Male 83 years Farm
Infirmities of age
x the mark of
Ann Watts
in attendance
Stockcross Speen
Twenty sixth March
Charles Rogers
Stockcross is a village on the (A4) road between Speen (Newbury) and Hungerford

Bridgeman connection