Wilfred Henry = 1942 Surrey Ms St Clair Webley
b Lambeth 1904
d. 1994? [89]
George W
b Surrey 1946

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From: George Brind george@brind.org.uk
Date: 27 February 2011 16:48:32 GMT
To: brind@one-name.org
Subject: Brind family research

Hello, I am carrying out research on the Brind family, I have got rather stuck at my ancestor John Brind

He appears in the 1851, 1861 and 1871censuses as living with family in Farnborough Berkshire, his place of birth shown as Farnborough (Wantage on 1851 census). If this is the same Brind he appears in the 1841 census as living with a "non Brind" family in nearby Ardington. In this instance he is shown as born within county. His date of birth is around 1820 - 1826.

What I am trying to establish is who were his parents. There is evidence on the "net" to suggest it was Zebulon Brind b.1797, son of Zebulon Brind b.1776. However there is no substantiation of this suggestion. He could also have come from Aldbourne where there are other John Brind candidates around the same birth date. My link is through my father Wilfred Henry Brind back through William Henry Brind b.1873, John Brind b.1846 back to John Brind the subject of this enquiry. From your research can you throw any light on John Brind's parents?

George Brind