William St Peter's Hammersmith 11/Oct/1896
Mary Ann (Hall)
b. Hammersmith 1/Sep/1872
b. about 1871
d. Hammersmith 25/Jan/1949 (76) d. 1940 (69)
Tile Merchant
1911 census 1911 census
Elsie Dora William Henry Florence Emma
b. 1897/8 Fulham b. 8/Apr/1900 Fulham b. 1901 Fulham
=1922 Beldham Hammersmith? Mayor of Hammersmith
1911 census 1911 census 1911 census
d. 1975 (74)

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William Henry Brind (b. Fulham, April 8, 1900 -d.12/2/ 1975), was Mayor of Hammersmith, from 1951-3. He was a Railway Accountant and served as a member of Hammersmith Council for 28 years, from 1937-65. From 1953 he was an Alderman. His last known address was 1 Cromwell Mansions, King Street, W6. He was a Justice of the Peace (a magistrate) and was given the honorary title of Freeman of Hammersmith on February 18, 1964. I think he looks quite a lot like my father. (JEB).