See an account of the discovery of these birth dates by the husband of one of the nieces of Peter Brind.
Zebulon = Catmore 22/2/1796 Elizabeth (nee Goodchild)
b. about 1771/
perhaps 1776
b 18/2/1776 Hampstead Norris
d.Beedon 6/1/1847 (75)
Possible: d.Aldbourn    Buried 19/3/1837 (81)
Also buried Beedon 1815(79)?????
However see 1841 census
Agricultural labourer
1841 census 1841 census
James John Zebulon Robert William Martha Stephen Rachel George Elijah Enock
b. 6/3/1796 b. 6/3/1796 20/11/1797
or 20/12/1797
14/1/1799 b. Nov/1801 b.21/1/1803 b.2/5/1805 b.10.9/1807 b.7/9/1810 baptised Beedon 4/April/1813 b.22/11/1815
= Mary Deacon = Martha? see 1871 census
See also bee farmer
=Leah Holdin =Jane Bridgeman 20/12/1826 =Maria =12/7/1834 Richard Maskell =Sarah Martin 1836 =Eliza Loder, Oct 15, 1842 Hanney, Berks
1841 census 1841 census Agricultural labourer
d.15/6/1834 d. 1872? d. Wantage 1869 d.25/6/1828 d.22/4/1814 d.12/1/1897 (83) d. Wantage 1903 (87)
Ida Gandy's Book The Heart of a Village mentions Zabulon (Zebulon?)

See Zebulon born in 1788
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Zebulon connection
Son of Richard B & (Mary Dixon)b 5/11/1788, Aldbourn
The above Zebulon was only about seven when Zebulon married Elizabeth Goodchild. It is tempting to think that both probably had a common ancestor.

Very similar letter
28 Nov 91

John W Brooks
Boyndon Road
Berks SL6 4EU

0628 33300

Dear Mr Brind

herewith your requests

1> Elijah Brind b & Sarah Martin sp
1836 Jul 4 Beedon

2 John Brind widower of Aston Gifford Wilts & Mary Hanslow 1828 Jan 1 Fyfield by licence

The first marriage is straight forward. The second however is from the BTs (Bishops Transcripts) since the registers for Fyfield are not available (or in a parlous state). Please note the name Hanslow. It could be Hewlett, but its the way you read the register.- the writing was probably unreadable. You could check on this to make sure. Remember that the age of these people can only be based on their baptisms-- not birth year. Often children were not registered in the baptismal register until 4 or 5 years old. SA point o keep in mind.-- Even the census returns are of little help.

I do have a large number of transcripts at home and I went thro the one for Beedon
1813 Sp 4 Elijah son of Zabulon and Elzab Brind bapt
1796 Feb 22 Zebulon Brind and Elzab Goodchild at Catmore mnarried
This couple had a large family beginning with
1797 Dec 17 Zebulon and Elzab Brind bapt
born Nov 20
1815 Oct 22 Enock s/o Zeb and Elzab Brind bapt

(See work done by Eustace.)
I could find no bapt of John Brind.- so I don't think he was the brother of Elijah.

I do not have a computer. My indices are on card which were done 15 years ago.

best wishes JB

(It is very hard to read this letter and there are almost certainly some errors in the above).