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George b 1812 = Baydon September 1, 1833 Harriet Harmer (or Farmer) =1869 Headington, Oxfordshire Mary Jarvis/Jervis
C. 22/5/1812 Keeper/gardener d. Sep 1867 (52) b. Tickhill, Yorkshire, about 1823/4
1871 census 1871 census
1881 census
1841 census
Perhaps these Farmers are related? 1881 census
Emma Walter William
June 4, 1840, in Aldbourn
See certificate
b. 1845-6 Bap Aug 3, 1847 Baydon
=June 16, 1863 Samuel Green
See certificate
1871 census

Dear Jonathan, I have been researching my husband's Brind ancestors and wondered if you had any more information so that I could put some flesh on the bones. The information I have came from Familysearch and the parish register of Aldbourne. I also have the will of Thomas Brind (christened 18 Feb 1659 and buried 10 Mar 1738 and married to Ann Iles).
Our Brind family tree goes like this:
Emma Brind born 19 Jan 1834 to George and Harriet (nee Farmer)
George Brind christened 22 May 1812 son of Thomas and Hannah (nee Liddiard)
Thomas Brind christened 29 Aug 1784 son of Robert and Mary (Watts)
Robert Brind christened 5 Jul 1750 son of Thomas and Jane (nee Adams)
Thomas Brind christened 24 Nov 1706 son of Thomas and Ann (nee Iles)
Thomas Brind christened 18 Feb 1659 son of Thomas and Eleanor (nee Horne)
All the above were christened and married at Aldbourne in Wiltshire, except for Emma who was married at Oxford. There are a lot of Brind's at Aldbourne in Wiltshire. Is this where most of them originated from?
I would be grateful if you could give me any more information regarding these people or their immediate families. Also I would be happy if I can give you information to add to your collection. Rosalind Carter

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1840 BIRTH in the Sub-district of Lambourn in the County of Berks & Wilts
No When and
where born
Name, if any Sex Name and surname
of father
Name, surname and
maiden surname of mother
Occupation of father Signature, description and
residence of informant
When registered Signature of registrar Name entered after
36 Fourth of
June 1840
Peaks Corner
in the Parish
of Aldbourn
Emma Girl George Brind Harriet Brind
Labourer George Brind
Peaks Corner
of June

Registration District Headington
1863 Marriage solemnized at the Parish Church in the Parish of St. Giles Oxford in the County of Oxford
No When Married Name and surname Age Condition Rank or Profssion Residence at the time of Marriage Father's name and surname Rank or Profession of Father
102 June 16 Samuel Green 22 Bachelor Wood-dealer S. Giles Road Frederick Green Wood-dealer
Emma Brind 23 Spinster ---- S. Giles Road George Brind Gardener
Married in the Parish Church according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church after Banns by me Luke Rivington
This Marriage was
solemnized between us
Samuel Green
Emma Green late Brind
    In the
Presence of us
Josiah George Lawrence
Mary Brind