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It is quite possible that this is the same Thomas who was married to Dinah. She seems to have died in July 1796 and he movied to Hungerford and re-married 18 months later, if this theory is correct. Of course, there are quite a lot of Thomas Brinds so this might even be three different Thomases married to a Dinah and two different Elizabeths!
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Hungerford 11/12/1797 Elizabeth (Sims?)
Thomas Maria Mary Ann Charles William Eliza Henry James Martha Harriet
? ? C. Hugerford 7/3/1802 C. Hungerford 25/11/1804 C. Hungerford 23/11/1806 C. Chilton Foliat 25/9/1808 C. Chilton Foliat 21/6/1812 C. Chilton Foliat 28/5/1815 C. Chilton Foliat 22/7/1817
d. Newbury 1875(70)?
or d. Marlborough 1880(72)?
C. Chilton Foliat 21/1/1818 C. Chilton Foliat 16/5/1819

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See also Thomas = Dinah
Thomas St Luke, Chelsea 27/10/1788 Elizabeth (Freeman)
Thomas St Bride, Fleet St 16/08/1789 Elizabeth (Colson)
Thomas Susanna Thomas
C. St Anne & St Agnes 9/4/1792 C. St Anne & St Agnes 9/4/1792 C. St Anne & St Agnes 5/4/1795
THE Examination of Thomas Brind of the parish
of Chilton Foliatt in the said County Carpenter **
taken on Oath before us two of his majesties Justice
of the said County the sixth day of February 1816
as to the pleas of his last legal settlements
Who on his Oath saith that he was apprenticed to Thomas
Cadwell of Broadhinton in the County of Wilts Carpenter
by indenture being date the eigth day of June
1770 for the Term of six years-- That he has a
wife named Elizabeth and Eight children vig? *****
**** Thomas aged about twenty three years Maria
aged about sixteen years Mary Ann aged about
fourteen years Charles aged about twelve years William
aged about ten years Eliza aged about seven years
Henry aged about three years and Martha age about
six months
The mark X of Thomas Brind
H Read