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Letter from Peter Frampton about Liddiard family history.
The Aldbourne riot of 1830 by Graham Palmer.
The Blue Boar
Ida Gandy's book The Heart of a Village about Aldbourne.
Donation of The Aldbourne Bell
Maurice Crane The Aldbourne Chronicle published in 1980.
A photograph of pupils at a school in Aldbourne (approx 1890)
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Hospital Sunday (1904)
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War casualties of Aldbourne.
Brind's Cottage 1910
Aldbourne Parish Registers 1790-1849
Brinds in Aldbourne cemetery.
Furniture manufacture in Aldbourne as described in Country Home in 1929.
William John Bunce Blacksmith & businessman
JEFFERIES' LAND A History of Swindon and its Environs Jby RICHARD JEFFERIES (published in 1896) has quite a lot to say about Aldbourne and mentions Brinds several times. A full copy of the book is included in this package. Just click link.
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See also In The Goddards of North Wilts (Richard Jefferies 1848-1887). This contains many references to Aldbourne.

Brind families living in Aldbourne in 1841.

George and Sarah Brind
Emma (George and Harriett) Brind
William and Mary Brind
Ann Brind
William and Meriam Brind

The Aldbourne Chronicle
By Maurice A Crane
published in 1980

Evidently mentions a waterspout of 1811. One of two important books about Aldbourne, the other being written by Ida Gandy.

By chance I had been looking through Maurice Crane'sexcellent "The Aldbourne Chronicle" and noted the 1811item.... "waterspout struck the village. Severe floods in SouthStreet".... just before I met John Muspratt, who spends sometime in our village with his daughter and son in law, and whohas been concerned by the repeated government forecastsof imminent climatic changes which, if happen as predicted,will create a worsening of the flooding risks faced by residentsand businesses in the lowest and oldest parts of the village. He contends that we seemdestined to suffer more frequent and perhaps more dramatic flooding than previouslyexperienced. As I understand it the flooding problem derives from the local geology, iethe absorbent chalk hills above us to the North and West, that when full after a particularlyrainy season will drain down to the village through what, long ago, use to be streamsand which are now roads and ditches. The geology clearly cannot be changed so theproblem to be tackled is the drainage, ie to increase the capacity of the ditches andunderground drainage throughout the village together with that of the stream out of thevillage along the Hungerford road.' Now, I am sure that we have all seen the substantialwork that has been done in South Street, just by the Library, which I am told is to do justthat. Let us hope that it does! If any of our readers, or reader's friends, have anyexpertise in this complex problem then the Dabchick would welcome your (non liquid!)input.

David Page

Dabchick August 2003
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The Dabchick is a bi monthly magazine for Aldbourne, read by quite a lot of people whose families used to live in the village, as well as those who still do live there. It records things like the fact that Aldbourne came second in the Best Kept Village Competition (Large Village section) in 1999.
The editor (in early 2002) was Peter Cotterill and you can email him at
To the right is a typical cover, which is nearly always dominated by an interesting drawing or historical document.
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