Fitzharding Joseph = Maria Evaline (?) =1915 Antoinette Emma? (Le Brun)
b 1850 Newport
bapt 27/4/1851
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Mine owner
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General agent
d 22/Dec/1921
d 8/Nov/1914
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Lusitania Joseph Brind 56ImporterFrom LiverpoolUnited States2/Nov/1907
OceanicJoseph Fitz Brind 61married maleFrom SouthamptonUnited States18/Apr/1911
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On Castle GardensJ Fritz Brind, Gentlemanage 48USA citizentravelling on Alaskadate 11 june 1883= birth date of 1835)
Margaret Greenwood         

Artist Weds Owner of Diamond That Brings Misfortune.
ONCE WAS QUEEN ISABELLA'S Bride a Talented Musician and a Descendant of Mme. Vigee Le Brun, Famous Beauty at Court of Louis XVI. At 40 Married Denver Man of Three Score Years.
The Washington Post (1877-1954) - Washington, D.C.
AuthorSpecial to The Washington Post.
DateApr 11, 1915
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Denver, Colo., April 10. -- Weary of the solitude and loneliness which descended on his home and heart on the death of his wife, Maria Evaline Brind, November 8, last, J. Fitz Brind has taken to himself a second wife, who was Miss Antoinette Le Brun, of Chicago."

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