Subject: Re: Family Tree
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 2010 20:07:14 +0100

Thank you for keeping in touch. I have done a little more recently so I am attaching what I know so far - with a lot more detail of the more recent Brinds both in Cardiff and Newport.

Hope you find it interesting. Both John and Edwin are in the report. Llanedarne or as it now is Llanedeyrn is on the outskirts of Cardiff. The farm is no longer there - although using an old map I have located it. The Welsh Brinds originally came to Michaelstone-yFedw, a village near Cardiff. I visited it a few weeks back and went to Pantrhiwgoch Farm which is where George Brind (1770) came in about 1811 with the family. I also went to the graveyard and photographed the Brind tombstones there - Joseph and Walter. The most interesting one for me personally has fallen down so I need to get permission to lift it up and take a strong extra pair of hands with me! George Brind and some of the family are buried there.

I have also obtained a birth certificate for my great grandfather establishing his parentage and his mother's maiden name. The Brinds - including John and Edwin resided for some time in Whitchurch, Cardiff.

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