Will of Thomas Brind of 1730 (from Ashbury, Berks)
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Thomas = Sarah Butler 23/Dec/1716 William = Mary Coleman 1716 Sarah = Richard Indge 2/Nov/1736
(presumably the widow re-married
Sarah baptised 06/10/1717 in Ashbury, daughter of Thomas and Sarah Brind

In the name of God Amen. I Thomas Brind of Ashbury in the County of Berks yeoman? being sick and weak of body but of perfect mind memory and understanding praised be the Lord Therefore I do make and ordaine this my last will and testament in manner and forme following- that is to say ffirst I recomend my soul into hands of Almighty God Trusting ??? for pardon of all my Sins through the merirtorious death and passion of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ my body I commit to his Earth to be decently interred at discretion of my executrix hereinafter named and as for that worldly ??? which it hath pleased God to bestow upon me I give and dispose of the same as followeth Impris I give ??? and bequeath unto my Dear and loving wife Sarah Brind during her natural life one plat of Garden ground adjoining and lying next the Collidge liberty now belonging to Henry Aevona and allso all my money Money Bonds bills and writing of what nature or kind soever and Goods and all other my goods and chattels wheresoever or in whose hands soever they may or shall be found during her naturall life as aforesaid and to her disposing after her decease keeping her selfe unmarried in my name but in case my said wife Sarah Brind should happen to marry again after my decease to any other man Then I give ??? and bequeath unto my daughter Sarah Brind the full and just sum to her within three months after such inter marriage and my Express will meaning that all my houyse Garden ground money Bonds bills Debts household goods goods and chattels upon such intermarriage after the decease of of my said wife Sarah Brind I do hereby Give Dispose Devise and bequeath unto my said only Daughter Sarah Brind and to her her Heirs and assignes for ever and Hereby nominate and appoint Mr Thomas Pearis and Henry Stevens both of ????? in the prish of ???? in the county of Berks Trustees of this my will to see it performed and I do hereby make my Dear and loving wife Sarah Brind Sole Executrix of this my last will hereby revoking all former wills by me made and ????? amd [iub;osjed amd declare this to be my will the Eighth day of August in the ??????? year of the Reigne of our Sovereign Lord George the second by the grace of God of Great Brittain & France and Ireland King Defender of tghe faith anno Dom 1730
Signed sealed published and declared by the within named Thomas Brind the testator in the present of us
Ruth Davis? (her mark)
E Harding
Thomas Brind