This will mentions Edmund Brind of Ogbourne

Wiltshire County Council - Wiltshire and Swindon Archive Catalogue ... - 03:11 Administration bond, will. 1607. Brind, Vincent. Ogbourne St George
See David Brind's note on Ogbourne    
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Catalogue Title
P5:Probate records of the court of the Dean of Salisbury
Ref No.P5/1608/4
Alt Ref NoP5/1608/4
TitleAdministration bond, will
PersonBrind, Vincent
Place Key/Ogbourne St George/Wiltshire
CommunityOgbourne St George
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Vincent Brind Ogborne St George 1607 p5/1608/4
Agnes Brind & John and
???sonne David? in ye last will and testament

Will of Vincent Brind 1605The last will and testament of Vincent Brind late of Ogbourne St George in the county of Wiltshire who deceased in the year of our Lord and God 1605. This is delivered by word of mouth in the presence of these persons. Anne Farmer, Elizabeth Baker? Anne Drake? Sartteth? Hampton as followeth that is to saye he gave unto his wife Agnes all his goodes, moneabell (moneyable?) and animalable? except? that she should make unto her youngest sonne Edmunde XXli (£20) to be payed unto him as shortly and as conveniently as she can after shee hath discharged his deptes?