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Bakers Arms Shooting
On the night of Sunday August 12, 2007, five shots rang out at the Bakers Arms junction. Police then cordoned off Lea Bridge Road for several hours. According to the Waltham Forest Guardian two teenagers were wounded by a gunman travelling in a dark coloured estate car. Ironically, a few days earlier on Thursday August 9, 2007, police had carried out an anti gun operation in Waltham Forest.
“Operation Neon is to show that we won’t tolerate firearms in our borough and to show that we have guns too, and ours are bigger, ” Detective Supertintendent Sue Williams is quoted as saying, in the August 16, 2007, issue of the Waltham Forest Guardian.

Perhaps she is right, though it is difficult to see what difference it makes what size a gun is. The problem is that the police are rarely there when gun crime is taking place and seem to be quite reluctant to turn out quickly when gun crime is reported ( no doubt for very good reasons).