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Brind back on bridal path Daily Mail, Thursday, July 20, 2000
Andrew Weil, MD, To Inaugurate Brind Lectureship Jeffnews Online February, 2000
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Brind back on bridal path

Having postponed their wedding in May-- when the groom's mother, Dame Barbara Cartland, fell terminally ill-- Ian McCorquodale and his fiancee former Royal Ballet star Bryony Brind have now re-arranged their nuptials.

This week, the couple told all the pals they originally invited that their big day is September 9-- but that everything else is the same with the marriage service taking place in the barn at Home Farm, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, on the family estate, followed by a reception in The Cowsheds.

Says a friend: "The dress code remains the same, too. It's kilts, uniforms or rustic-- which could be quite interesting. The Cowsheads have, we hope, been converted!"

Bryony, 40, was previously married to Greek businessman Skev Theodorou, 20 years her senior, but it lasted only ten months and they divorced two years ago.

She met Ian at a cocktail party in London soon afterwards and they have been living together at Home Farm for some time, accompanied by Bryony's two 20-year-old cats.

Ian, 62, was married for 23 years to the former Anna Chisholm, a cousin of the Earl of Rosslyn, and they divorced in 1993.

Photo caption:Knot yet; Ian and Bryony. Picture Alan Davidson.

Daily Mail, Thursday, July 20, 2000

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