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Former Geneva judge honored Finger Lakes Times Oct 14, 2004

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Former Geneva judge honored

Finger Lakes Times Thursday Oct 14, 2004
By ANDREA DECKERT Times Staff Writer

GENEVA-- In 1995, Shirley Brind called Allan Kuusisto to ask what could be done to get her recently retired husband -- former city judge and attorney David Brind-- our of the house more often.
From that call, the Committee on Inquiry was born.
Kuusisto, who had retired as the president of Hobart and William Smith Colleges in 1982, came up with the idea of asking interesting local citizens to a luncheon at Emile's Restaurant where he, Brind and others could inquire about any subject that was of interest to their guest.
Brind likied the idea, and over the past nine years, the committee has welcomed roughly 80 guests, including 17 from the Colleges, four the the faculty of the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station, two generals, an ambassador, a mayor and fire and police chiefs.
When Kuusisto died in 2000 committee member Thomas Millington, a political science professor at the Colleges, thought that might have been the end of the group as well, but said "Dave carried on with even more vigor"
Brind was honored by the group last night at a meeting at the Geneva Country Club.
"The past nine years [have] been a tremendous opportunity for me,"said Brind, noting that one of his most interesting luncheons was on May 5, 1995, with Tom Truslow, Gordon Bennett and Robert Sanders, members of the Hobart Class of 1927.
"I have greatly enjoyed my assoication with the 'Best of the Colleges' and our many guests and programs."
The group which has about 10 members, meets sporadically at various local spots to hear about topics ranging from politics to academics.
For Brind, the most memorable and pleasurable aspect of those early meetings was sitting in a rear booth at Emile's each week and watching Kuusisto saunter in with a great smile on his face.
Brind was a Geneva City Court judge from 1975 to 1995 and has served on numerous committees over the years. In 1971, he was Geneva's Man of the Year.
The Brinds have two adult children, Susan Brind Morrow and Charles Stuart Brind.

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