Richard ????? Hannah (Burke)
b Effingham 1820
(according to military service record)
     b. 1821 Ireland
Served in 49th Regiment of Foot,
wounded at Battle of Inkerman
(Crimean War).
1871 census 1871 census
d 1877 Chelsea? d 1904 Mile End(84)
Elizabeth John T Richard Ellen
b 7/Aug/1849 Templemore, Ireland
See certificate
b 1852 Corfu b 8/Oct/1854 Uxbridge
See certificate
b 1860 Stepney?
Police officer
1871 census 1871 census 1871 census
1881 census
d. 1852 Corfu? d. Billericay 1901(45)
Grandaughter: Siddella Mary
b. Strand 1869
1871 census

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