Edward Agincourt
See photo.
Fanny Clara (Rogers) Florence (Lund)
b. at sea 1844      b. 1862/3 Gloucestenbury Clifton
1901 census 1901 census
1861 census
see picture/ Colonel 88th Connaught Rangers
See also sand and gravel business
d. Jan 12, 1919(74) will
Sir John E S Second marriage Victor C E J Patrick Maurice A
b. 1878 b. 1887 b. 1892 b. Tralee, Co Kerry 1894
d. October 14, 1954(76) d. August 13, 1981 d. 1963 d. 1960 (66)
= 1907 Dorothy M S (Frodsham) = (1) Barbara (Cosens) (2) Nora Sanderson (Buller) = (1) Eileen (Apperley) (2) Edith Blagrove (Lowe) = Olive Wynyard (Wakely)
1901 census
General KCB, KBE, CMG, DSO Lt Colonel DSO MC R. Artillery
See also
sand and gravel business
Admiral GBE, KCB R. Navy Commander, RN
See also
sand and gravel business
Edward A = Florence

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In loving memory Colonel E A Brind Connaught Rangers Died Jan 12th 1919 aged 74
A soldier of Christ
Also Florence his wife Died May 26 1936 aged 73
Fordington Cemetery, Dorchester, Dorset, England

Colonel Edward Agincourt Brind from 1871 Brind family album